Tower Of Fantasy Fixes Nemesis Event And Gives Compensation

After failing to maintain the Nemesis banner event, Tower of Fantasy addressed the issues and gave players compensation.

Tower of Fantasy has been making rounds on the news. Whether it’s permanently banning thousands of players on accounts of cheating or comparing it with Genshin Impact, the game is the talk of every player. Recently, the game had a bug that caused its newly released banner, Nemesis, to disappear.

Nemesis is the first banner from Tower Of Fantasy, and the event started on the 10th of August 2022 and was going to end on the 1st of September. However, some players noticed that it had already disappeared from their games, and they were furious to find that out.

Some players and content creators started complaining about the issue on forums and social media platforms. Later, the development team behind Tower Of Fantasy took notice of that and told players to be patient; it would deliver their rewards and compensation to their mailbox within two hours. 

Sometime earlier, the development team finally fixed the three major issues of the Nemesis banner with compensation. The first one is where the event banner was completely gone before the due time. To fix the issue, Hotta Studios noted, “Nemesis’s weapon and matric limited order is back online with guaranteed progresses kept as before.”

Secondly, another major issue in Tower Of Fantasy caused the players’ Nemesis’s Limited Oder Flame Golds/Overclocking Chips to convert to Black Golds/Base Chips. The development team also fixed this issue, All conversion of Flame Golds/Overclocking Chips to Black Golds/Base Chips from Nemesis’s Limited Oder will be reversed.”

Furthermore, if the players had already spent Black Golds/Base Chips, the game will deduct those from their available Black Golds/Base Chips after the reversal. If the players had no Black Golds/Base Chips, then, in that case, their Black Golds/Base Chips value will go in negative.

Lastly, the third issue in Tower Of Fantasy caused some problems with the rewards and malfunctioned the button’s display of events. To address this issue, the development team noted, “The above events are back online, and you can claim the rewards if you haven’t previously.”

To make up for the mistakes, the development team sincerely apologized and offered compensation for the players who faced any issues. There will be two compensations, the first one is 500 Dark Crystals for all players, and secondly, for players who had Chip conversion issues, the game will award them additional 300 Dark Crystals.

So far, Tower of Fantasy has made a great decision by compensating players, and the development team has also done that before for missing purchases in the game. However, if these major bugs and issues continue, players will eventually lose interest in the game, so let’s hope the company will take better measures in the future.

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