Tower Of Fantasy Allegedly Locking Players’ Bank Accounts

The popular Youtuber explains how his Bank Account was locked and how it intertwines with Tower Of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy has undoubtedly gained players’ attention, and many love the game for the breathtaking things it offers. It had a big and successful release just a few days ago due to its extremely beautiful and detailed world to explore. But it is not all good news, the title has been under fire for some bugs, but this story is something else.

A Youtuber by the name of MMOByte claims that his account was locked due to a purchase of some in-game currency, But the actual story is a little more convoluted. The creator made a 5-dollar transaction on a Livestream when he suddenly received a call from his bank station that your card has made ‘fraudulent’ transactions. Moreover, a bundle of people seems to have witnessed the same problem.

He further states that he was locked out of his account due to purchases made by unknown contractors. After talking with the bank he realized that Tower Of Fantasy was actually flagged as a fraudulent transaction site. All of his accounts linking to his bank account were shortly locked but after visiting the branch he will gain access to them again. He explained all the particulars in the following video:

The creator had this to share after he read many comments addressing the issue. “To everyone arguing in the comments over whose fault this is, let me clarify: This is the fault of all parties involved. My fault for not acting quickly enough and trusting that everything was okay after a single phone call.”

He further continued, “My bank’s fault for locking my account entirely without first allowing me to verify the validity of my purchases (even though I had called and attempted to reach out to them pertaining specifically to this incident,) and Tower of Fantasy’s fault for using such a shady payment processor (for PC payments,) that has locked so many of our bank accounts since it launched.”

MMOByte replied to a comment that was entirely blaming the bank for the problem, “I’d say the fault falls on both. I’ve spent thousands on Genshin and Arknights, along with other Chinese games, and never had this issue. Whatever ToF is using to process PC payments is triggering an alarm amongst many UK/US banks. Purchasing via my phone (PayPal) works fine.

It appears that the payment system used by Tower Of Fantasy is considered to be a threat by some banks. There is a possibility that the payment processor could be dangerous but there is no concrete proof of that so take it with a grain of salt. He further iterated the bank’s notice in his tweet.

In the end, the blame for this mishap can be thrown around a lot before it actually sticks, but seeing as he actually bought the items Livestream shows that there was truth in his story. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below!

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