Environmental Awareness in VR: Tigertron’s Jupiter & Mars @ SeaLegacy’s Turning The Tide 2018

Polluted oceans, endangered wildlife, and a deteriorating Earth. These thoughts may not cloud our minds every second of every day, but these are the disturbing realities of the world we live in and we are constantly reminded time and time again to not put these issues on the back burner as they’re already too far gone. This is exactly what SeaLegacy’s Turning the Tide Exhibition focuses on doing: spreading awareness and reminding people once again that we need to take ownership of our world and be accountable for our actions as they shape our surroundings for generations to come. The aim of the Turning the Tide Exhibition is to showcase a diverse array of multimedia in an effort to turn over people’s sympathy into empathy so that they feel empowered to take some action. The longer we wait, the worse our global warming gets, the more toxic and disease inducing our air becomes, and the more depleted our food sources get. For an ever growing and rapidly revolving world, this isn’t something we can afford as it won’t sustain us for very long.

Tigertron, an environmentally responsible minded gaming studio based in New York, has developed a game called Jupiter & Mars. The game follows two dolphins named (you guessed it) Jupiter and Mars. Players get to play as the two dolphin characters in a world after man has been wiped away. As Jupiter and Mars, the player must go on quests across the polluted oceans to survive.

SeaLegacy’s Turning the Tide Exhibition will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, this year on the first of July. Tigertron has availed this eco-friendly platform to showcase its new game and bring it forward for gamers to not only enjoy but gain awareness of the very pressing issues of environmental deterioration, but in a form of media that they enjoy. The game is developed for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Virtual Reality system so far and it’s a significant step on the part of video game developers to use their industry in the light of promoting a significant and demanding cause.

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