Splatoon 3 Outsells Bayonetta 3; PS5 Exceeds Switch In Japan’s Weekly Sales

The recent physical weekly sales chart is quite interesting in both the software and hardware side.

Bayonetta 3 is a single-player, action-adventure title brewed by PlatinumGames for the Nintendo Switch. The franchise’s third entry continues the lore from the previous two installments.

The title was praised for its perfect execution of the story and gameplay but received criticism and disdain from the community for the lingering performance issues.

The clunky performance and technical issues stem from the old hardware of the Nintendo Switch, which has struggled to keep on with the recent enhancements in video games. Nonetheless, the game is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience, according to the ratings from the critics and the community. 

Recently released Japan’s physical sales charts by Famitsu have revealed many alluring details regarding the newly released titles. Moreover, the hardware sales are worth analyzing as they unveil the sudden rise of PlayStation 5 sales in Japan.

Major Takeaway:

  • Bayonetta 3 has stolen the second spot in Japan’s physical sales charts, for last week, being overshadowed by Splatoon 3.
  • PlayStation 5, on the other side, has exceeded sales of all Switch models to be the best-selling console of the week.
  • The Switch has fallen below PS5 for the first time, as far as we can recall. 
  • The decline in sales may prove to be the start of Switch falling behind PS5, which is in high demand due to a steady improvement in stocks.

Bayonetta 3 has sold in significant numbers in Japan alone, for the week ending 30th October. The well-renowned title has lived up to the initial hype by the community. It has stolen the second spot by selling a staggering 41,285 copies in Japan, just under Splatoon 3 by around 10,000 units. 

The figures for Bayonetta 3 are likely to climb extensively for a few weeks. The aforesaid Bayonetta 3 figures appear to be less than some of the community might have expected; these are physical sales alone, and the cumulative sales ought to be much higher.

Splatoon 3 continues to sell like hotcakes, accumulating 51,547 copies last week. Splatoon 3 sold in the 3-million range just after its eventful release, and the numbers rise to new heights every week. The third spot in software sales is held by Star Ocean: The Divine Force, with the newly-released game rolling over 27,001 units already. 

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 5 appears to be on a massive ascension in Japan. For the first time, Sony‘s PS5 sales have exceeded all Nintendo Switch models, becoming the best-selling console in Japan for the week.

The next-gen console has rolled over 34,287 units as compared to Switch OLED’s 23,399, which is a rare phenomenon. The Switch Lite sales declined to lower than 1000 units last week, while the PS5 Digital has sold more than the Xbox Series S.

The PlayStation 5’s demand has seen a massive increase in Japan because more stock is arriving in the region. Recently, Sony’s next-gen console sold over 2 million copies in Japan, growing its hold in Japan’s console market. Sony has been working on fixing the stock issue, and its preparation for the holiday also seems complete.

Sony imports are up by 400% to prepare for the coming holidays, for instance. With the emergence of God of War Ragnarok, we may see more PlayStation 5 sales in Japan in the coming weeks. 

The demand for Nintendo Switch could experience a long-lasting drop, and the recent physical hardware and software sales charts in Japan only affirm the intuition. However, Nintendo Switch has a big hold in Japan and the overshadowing of PS5 is likely to be a rare weekly marvel.

What are your thoughts about Bayonetta 3 getting second place in Japan’s weekly sales charts and PlayStation 5 finally outselling Switch? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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