Starfield Hype Builds Up Even More With Another Screenshot Leak

A reveal is intensely due

Rumors, leaks, screenshots – you name it. The focus dangles heavily on Starfield these days, as tidbits of information are surfacing with each passing day. Not more than two days ago, ship customization was confirmed in Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG. This was coupled with Starfield’s exclusivity for Xbox and PC. A quick reminder: this game was announced back in June 2018 and official word on the IP has been quiet ever since.

Taking into account everything that’s been popping up for Starfield recently, it’s no crime to expect a gameplay reveal trailer at E3 2021. Anything for us fans to cling on to until its release day will do, really. On a positive note, the chances for a Starfield appearance at the grand event seem quite likely, as another screenshot of the game has been leaked by Twitter user SKULLZI. Shed a glance at the image below.

Starfield Screenshot Leak
Starfield Screenshot Leak

If you’re delighted to see how great the graphics are looking there, take comfort in the fact that this leak is from an early build, possibly from 2018. This makes us wonder how Starfield will shape up to be in 2021 – quite the thriller, to be honest.

A good number of people are deeming these leaks intentional by Bethesda. While we cannot vouch for the authenticity of these claims, a strategy to build more hype does seem reasonable, especially if the leaks are from an earlier version of the game.

All said and done, fans want to see Starfield at E3 2021, and they’re not going to have it any other way. This promisingly looks like the year for the game to showcase itself more. However, we’ll have to wait just a couple of months more to find out whether all the excitement is going to be worth it or not.

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Matt Hunter

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