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NetEase recently announced that Diablo Immortal won't be released in China until further notice, with the companies shares dropping by almost 10% soon after, Mario Strikers: Battle League continues to outsell the competition in France despite dropping to the third position for sales in the United Kingdom, sources from an accredited industry insider, Tom Henderson, have confirmed that Sony would be revealing three new new “INZONE” H-series headsets, alongside two new monitors, and much more.

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The last week incorporated much notable news in the gaming industry. News varied from Forza Motorsport Demo being recorded on PC to Certain Affinity possibly working on an unannounced Blockchain shooter. Slouch to the couch, relax, with the device on your lap, and dive right into the laid-down 11-minute YouTube video. On the other hand, this summary is an ideal delight for bibliophiles to coddle in weekly gaming news.

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Starting off, Diablo Immortal is not releasing in China for a few additional weeks, after an official statement from NetEase affirming this rumor (via, Reuters). This news has come as a shocker to the community as the game was slated for a last week’s release. The delay happened after the game’s official Chinese blogging website, the Weibo account got banned from posting. 

NetEase has said in its official statement that the delay is to optimize the game and provide support for a wider range of devices. This delay has already started affecting NetEase, causing shares to drop by 10 percent.

The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition has recently released on the PlayStation 4, a week ago. The game is available on the last-gen console to be purchased from the PlayStation Store for the price of only $15. The classical game is fantastic and a nostalgic arcade experience for all generations so that price is worth it to have a much-needed replay on modern consoles.

The highly-anticipated Indonesian survival horror video game, DreadOut 2 is releasing on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on July 15th. The first indie horror installment became a staple among horror game enthusiasts, also receiving a movie adaptation. The sequel, DreadOut 2 released on PC in 2020 and became a global hit. The supposed sequel is coming on consoles next month.

Forza Motorsport demo was supposedly captured on a PC as opposed to Xbox Series X as it was mistakenly mentioned. The mistake has now been corrected in the original Forza Motorsport article by Xbox. The demo was evidently also tested on Xbox Series X for the same visual quality output. It is a bit dubious to capture the demo on PC but it is a good thing that Xbox has been transparent about it.

The dormant video games company, Treasure tweeted out commemorating the studio’s 30th anniversary that they are working on a, “highly requested title. The statement cites, “This year, the 30th anniversary, we are working hard to announce the highly requested ‘that’ title. We look forward to your continued support of Treasure.”

Valve has finally authorized a fan-made VR mod for Half-Life 2 and it will be releasing to the game in 2022. The alluring mod has been in development since 2017 and is crafted by a talented VR mod team. The mod has gone through a bundle of delays since 2017 but now the launch is finally creeping closer. The mod is in beta-testing as per the official page. The Youtuber Beardo Benjo tried out this mod through a closed beta and you can see the results in his recent video

GTFO reached a new height of concurrent players transiting the dark labyrinths following the “free week” event. The event brought in a new audience and the dark tactical shooter appears to be on the rise with concurrency soaring the charts. The new player count climbed over 12,239 players, the free week event has proven to be highly thoughtful by developers.

Keeping on the GTFO news, the developers are supposedly hiring for the “next legendary AAA co-op” project. 10 Chambers, the highly talented developers are already looking to craft the next big AAA co-op FPS shooter by hiring new employees. The unannounced game is hinted at on their official website via their job listings. 

All the job listings conclude the following paragraph, “We are an ambitious, creative, and collaborative team with a lifelong love for games. We have just recently released GTFO, a co-op FPS game and are about to start working on our next legendary AAA co-op gaming experience.”

Talking about job listings, Certain Affinity appears to be hiring for an unannounced free-to-play multiplayer blockchain-based title. We have reasons to believe that this title is different from the officially announced FPS blockchain project, Last Expedition. This unannounced project is supposedly live-service which is not mentioned in the official announcement for Last Expedition.

Moreover, job listings live on the Certain Affinity website appear to be for leadership positions that would have been fulfilled if the title was already officially revealed. The mysterious title is likely being brewed in Unreal Engine 4 as cited in one of the listings.

Capcom has recently disclosed that it is restoring the older versions of Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 7 after problems with the new update. All the games got this update two days ago on PC to introduce ray-tracing and 3D audio but it came with a plethora of problems for players on Steam. One of the main problems caused by the update was all the mods breaking and becoming unplayable.

Capcom has reintroduced both the old and new versions following player demands. The ray-tracing also elevated the PC requirements for players. Capcom has also provided players a path to activate the older version step-by-step.

Moving on to some sales news, Cities: Skylines has exceeded over 12 million total sales worldwide. The massive milestone was hit after nearly 7 years of the game’s inception. The game was created as a competitor for SimCity but the community appears to favor Cities: Skylines a little more. The game is evidently still doing great with over 10,000 concurrent players as recently recorded.

Mario Strikers: Battle League has stolen the #1 spot in France despite slipping down to the third place in the United Kingdom. The third installment in Mario Strikers has received overall positive reception despite minor complaints from players. The game offers hours of co-op experience and keeps you busy in this wacky football venture. 

Nintendo Switch has topped 25 million copies sold in Japan alone. As recorded by the installbaseforum which incorporated all the market and sales-related particulars concerning Switch, the hand-held system has reportedly sold a total of 25,010,404 copies as of this week. Nintendo Switch also recently surpassed the lifetime sales of PlayStation 4 in France among many other achievements. 

Slating towards some news regarding nostalgic titles, an unreleased Famicorn port of The Fairyland Story was recently found in an eBay dump of cartridges that consisted of Famicorn ports by a purchase made by the retro modder @FenrisRetro. The lost masterpiece has since been preserved by the trio of Nintendo’s port preservers, Forest of IllusionHard4Games, and Gaming Alexandria.

The trio has teamed up to reveal the unreleased port of The Fairyland Story. It can be downloaded from the Forest of Illusion website. You can also venture into the blog post by Gaming Alexandria for an in-depth chronology of this forgotten port.

Jak And Daxter received an unofficial native PC Port after being decompiled. The PlayStation 2 classic has been natively ported by a team of indie developers. The small group of developers has decompiled around 400,000 lines of GOAL code, out of an imprecise 500,000 complete lines. Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy can be downloaded on PC from the Github page for nostalgic players to relish once again. 

Coming to our last segment of hardware news, Xbox wireless controllers are facing shortages across Europe. Third-party controllers are stocked on the market, but not the official Microsoft ones. The controller is also used on other platforms like PC so it is very profitable to Microsoft. No one appears to have any answers to the shortages but the official controllers from the company are just not available.

The same phenomenon is taking place in the UK, according to users on the Reset Era forum. Users are sharing their struggles and discussing how hard it is to find a new Xbox wireless controller in the country. Evidently, France is also out of stock of controllers and Denmark’s Amazon also has no new Wireless controllers available.

Sony’s new INZONE H-Series headsets and monitors are on the way. According to the prominent industry insider, Tom Henderson, Sony will unveil 3 new headsets and 2 new monitors the following week. Information concerning Sony’s new headsets has already been revealed. These are the new “INZONE” H-series headsets, with three sets to be unveiled next week. The supposed headsets, INZONE H3, INZONE H7, and INZONE H9 all feature 360 spatial sound for gaming and are Discord certified.

Moreover, Sony is also slated to unveil two brand-new gaming monitors under the INZONE brand, that feature “exclusive features for PlayStation,” which incorporate auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode. According to Tom Henderson’s sources, one of these monitors will be for 4K gaming at 144Hz, and the other will be full HD gaming at 240Hz.

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