Leaked: Redfall In Beta Stage Of Development

According to an image and gameplay footage leaked on a YouTube stream, it seems like the upcoming Redfall from Bethesda is at its Beta stage of development

Redfall was originally revealed by Microsoft at 2021’s E3 event in the very last slot, after revealing the other big guns, like Starfield and The Outer World 2. The game is currently being developed by Arkane Studios, the award-winning team behind Dishonoured and Prey. Bethesda set this game to release in September, towards the end of 2022. For the past few months, it seemed like the game was not getting any attention from the developers and proceeded very slowly. But, those speculations might have been wrong as a Spanish YouTube channel, namely GameTropics, leaked an image and small gameplay footage of Redfall in its Beta stage of development, first found by u/LongJonSiIver on Reddit.


In the leaked image on the stream, the game is in the beta stage as the banner below the image says, “This title is currently in Beta.” We can take the game to be good from the screen, as the night and city blend in just perfectly. On the signboard, it says “Inc. 1637,” so we can expect some history behind the Redfall. The gameplay footage is crumbled and laggy, but it’s due to the stream. In the video, the beta tester of Redfall said that the skill tree would be huge.

Update: the image and footage are all the way back from September 2019, as shown in the video at 11:15. It says “Omen (64-bit Test PCD3D_SM5) 2021-09-10,” and Omen is Redfall’s codename. We mistook the leaks for being recent, but they just happened to resurface recently, as @IdleSloth84 mentions in their tweet, “Looks like this is indeed the leak from September 2021.”


The game’s premise is interesting as it follows the legacy left behind by Left For Dead 4 but at a much higher level and in an open world. Fans of the zombie genre have been extensively hyped for the upcoming game from Arkane Studios, especially after the roundabouts made by Dead by Daylight 2.

The image leaked by the Spanish YouTube channel, GameTropics, says, “PRESS [START] TO PLAY.” From that, we can take that this Redfall’s Beta leak is from an Xbox console, but there is nothing to go on for the other platforms, including Microsoft Windows. That is all we could take out from the leaked image of Arkane Studios’s upcoming Redfall. So far, there has been no official confirmations about the Beta development or anything even related to it from the company itself, though.

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