Panic Button Talks Nintendo Switch Long Term Support

Wolfenstein And Rocket League Switch Developer

Nintendo Switch is a great piece of hardware and it has sold millions of units since launch and Nintendo is expected to sell millions more by the end of this year. While developing third-party games for the console did take its time, developer Panic Button has mastered the art of developing games for the Nintendo Switch and the devs praise the console.

General manager Adam Creighton, talked about the console and the following is what he had to say about it:

“It’s a really neat piece of hardware, and we’re learning more all the time. We work closely with Nintendo and Nvidia, and it’s an opportunity for us to do more and more with the hardware. It’s interesting, it’s still pretty early for the Switch as a gaming device, so I’m excited to see what happens on the hardware and the optimization front,”

Right now the team is busing with bringing Warframe to the Nintendo Switch. The game does not have a release date right now but it has been confirmed to be coming to the device. Other than that, while the Switch might not be the most powerful device, it does have its edge and that is what Creighton went on to talk about.

“It depends on whether a game is pushing a ton of content. You have a title like Wolfenstein that is supporting so many languages, voiceover, and everything else, so there’s a lot more content there. As people get us involved earlier in the process, we’re able to help them with decisions like assets and gameplay, and things like that with Nintendo Switch in mind. That has a benefit when it comes to what might come down the road later.”

With the next-gen PS and Xbox coming out you might think that developers would not support the Nintendo Switch as much as they are going right now but that would be wrong. Nintendo has never competed on the basis of horsepower. The following is what Creighton had to say about Nintendo Switch support:

“It’ll be interesting because who knows what’s going to happen with next-generation. Does one party do an even beefier, more powerful machine? Do they look at what’s happening with Nintendo and try to do that? Will they do both? Nintendo in previous generations has made it clear that they’re not competing on horsepower. Switch is a great example of delivering that without impacting the quality of the games. And they’ve made some great partnerships with Bethesda and others to bring triple-A content to their platform.”

The Nintendo Switch is a great device and if you already have one or are planning to get one then you can expect support down the line. You can rest assured.


Talha Amjad

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