NVIDIA Delaying Next GPU Series?

Due to the data mining decline, NVIDIA might be waiting a while to release their new line of GPUs

NVIDIA has always been coy with their codenames for GPU lines. They have a habit of naming them after renown mathematicians, Pascal, Fermi, Kepler, to name a few. But this time they have their eyes set on the man behind biological patterns and the famous Turing test, Alan Turing. You may not have known that it was his birthday over the weekend, but NVIDIA wanted you to know since they tweeted this:

Calm down, that link just takes you to an article on the man himself. But does this mean that we might be seeing a new line of GPUs from NVIDIA in the near future? Rumor has it that the answer is no, due to the fact that data mining is having a bit of a decline since the Bitcoin crash. It sounds like they’re going to delay the release of a new line of GPUs, they have quite a stock of them built up from the mining fad, and if you think about it, why would they need to release a new line of GPUs? The current line is still going strong, the 1000 series is doing pretty well. That’s not to even mention the presentation that they were going to do in August at Hot Chips on “NVIDIA’s next-generation mainstream GPU”, the conference has since been canceled and replaced with one by Intel. The program for the event can be found here.

Whatever is going on at NVIDIA, they want to keep it private, as well as everything else that they do in the future. A German website, Heise.de, is complaining about how NVIDIA is treating journalists. Between limiting information that’s only for the benefit of the company and making journalists sign a 5 year NDA agreement, they think it’s an attack on journalism. They’re worried that these guidelines could prevent them from saying whatever they want in reviews which, really, is something that I totally agree with. It’s one thing to want positive publicity, but to limit the reviews of people who recieve your products for such purpose violates the very purpose of reviews.

What’s going on over in NVIDIA HQ?

Tim Kallman

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