NVIDIA GDDR6 RAM Test Board Image Leaked

An image of what could be a next generation NVIDIA GPU has surfaced showing GDDR6 RAM capabilities

We’ve had quite the batch of news from NVIDIA lately, with rumors of GDDR6 memory being revealed to other rumors that NVIDIA is not only delaying their next line of GPUs, but are also trying to force journalists to sign NDAs because they are just that secretive, apparently.

But an image surfaced today of what looks like a board with three 8 pin power connectors and 12 modules of Micron GDDR6 memory on it. The image is revealing enough, but what’s more is the listing on the Micron website which not only confirms the GDDR6 SGRAM, but includes a PDF file explaining it. The stats on the PDF say dual channel x8/x16 GDDR6 RAM with data rates of 12Gb/s, 14Gb/s, and 16Gb/s.

Of course, this board looks like it’s only for testing purposes, in fact, it doesn’t even have the GPU itself on there yet, though the one that’s going on there will be pretty big from the looks of it. And again, we have no idea what this anyways. It might be something relating to the Turing code-name, or it could be a souped upTesla or something, no other information has come of this yet.

If you want to check out the listing on Micro, it’s here.

Tim Kallman

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