Nvidia GTX 11 Series GPUs Release Dates Confirmed From Partner Email

GPUs To Be Rolled Out Monthly

Nvidia GTX 11 series GPUs have been rumored for some time now and they are highly anticipated because it has been 2 years since Pascal GPUs came out. The upcoming Nvidia GTX 11 series GPUs are going to be based on a variant of Nvidia Volta and it seems that we finally have confirmation regarding when these graphics cards will be coming out.

A leaked partner Email confirms that the upcoming next-generation Nvidia GTX 11 series GPUs will start rolling out in August. According to the information, the first graphics card to be released will be the top of the line GTX 1180. This is not something new, Nvidia does release the GTX XX80 first but the difference here is that the little brother GTX 1170 will be released a month later.

According to the information provided, the GTX 1180 is expected to be released on the 30th of August. The GTX 1170, on the other hand, will be coming out exactly a month later on the 30th of September. The information also mentions a GTX 1080+ that will be coming out with the GTX 1170. This is something unheard of and might be interesting. This could be an upcoming graphics card that sits between the GTX 1170 and the 1180 much like the current generation GTX 1070 Ti.

As of right now, this is speculation and the GTX 1180+ could turn out to be something very different, so stay tuned for further information regarding the matter. You can check out the image of the leaked Email below:

Nvidia GTX 11 Series GPUs

Exactly a month after the launch of the GTX 1170, the GTX 1160 will be hitting the shelves. This should be a mid-range graphics card and could potentially have the same performance of the current generation GTX 1070. Keeping in mind the GTX 1060 is about the same as the GTX 970. Having that said, you should wait for official numbers to come out before taking this to heart.

While this is not a confirmation, it is a solid piece of information keeping in mind how secretive Nvidia has been about the upcoming Nvidia GTX 11 series GPUs. It will be interesting to see what kind of performance these graphics cards will have to offer.


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