NVIDIA Hands out “CEO Edition” Titan V GPUs

NVIDIA gave a small number of amped up Titan V GPUs to research institutions around the world

Just when you thought that processors were trying to do crazy things, Nvidia just came out with a 32 Gb video card that they dubbed, The ” CEO Edition”

Yeah, that’s right. This card is a souped-up Titan V card running with 32 Gb of memory along with NVIDIA’s groundbreaking Volta Tensor Cores, and the ability to run through complex matrix computations at a jaw-dropping 125 Teraflops.

As cool as it would be to have this sort of thing on the market, NVIDIA only handed some out to a random number of representatives from top institutions, all of whom have been participating in NVIDIA’s own NVIDIA AI Labs program. Some of the institutions include Peking University, Stanford University, University of Toronto, University of Tokyo, and many more from around the world.

Jensen Huang headed the event at the CPVR Event at the Grand America Hotel and was quoted saying, “The number of problems you guys are able to solve as a result of deep learning is truly amazing…we’ve dedicated our company to create a computing platform to advance your work. Our goal is to enable you to do amazing research.”

No doubt that these institutions are going to be putting these cards to good use, seeing as they have miles more power than we’ve ever tried to stuff into a graphics card before. Is it disappointing that NVIDIA only gave these out to the elite few? Maybe, but something this powerful has no business running video games, these cards deserve to be doing groundbreaking calculations that could help us shape the future in a better way. Even so, I’d like to have one, if not to just frame it on my wall because it’s so beautiful.

Tim Kallman

Tim is currently pursuing a career in video game design and development and is combining that with his passion for writing to make his thoughts heard. The industry is growing ever upwards and he wants to be a part of it any way he can. His love for video games extends to the custom PC he's built and maintained over the years with only the best parts he can find
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