Nvidia Reportedly Stocking Up One Million Next-Gen GPUs

Nvidia has its lips sealed when it comes to talking about its next-gen GPUs as the company itself has noted that its next-gen GPUs are way off from now. However, reports and leaks suggest otherwise and a new report has made its way on the internet suggesting that Nvidia is stocking up one million next-gen GPUs in an effort to prepare itself for market demand.

The report comes from DigiTimes, who report that sources have revealed it to then that Nvidia is stocking up over one million next-gen GPUs so that it can be prepared for the market demand when they launch.

Currently, the worldwide graphics card market has an inventory of around several million units and Nvidia has around a million of GPUs waiting to be released, said the sources. With cryptocurrency miners also expected to begin selling their used graphics cards to the retail channel, vendors are expected to introduce major price cuts to compete.

If this report is true then we will not only see an abundance of next-gen GPUs in the market but will also see price drops too as reportedly GPU prices are expected to fall by 20% in July 2018.

This downfall in the GPU prices is because of the downfall of the cryptocurrency mining, as it plummets, more and more used GPUs are being flooded into the market which will result in a significant price drop.

The sources pointed out that graphics card prices are expected to see an average drop of around 20% in July, while the dramatic slowdown in orders for mining ASICs will also negatively affect revenues at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) as well as its IC design service partners, such as Global Unichip, in 2018.

Speaking of the Nvidia GPUs, according to the Steam Hardware survey for June 2018, GTX 1060 remains the popular GPU among PC gamers. Not only that, 74.32% PC gamers are using Nvidia GPUs.

Furthermore, PCB for next-gen GTX 1180 has also been leaked which suggests that next-gen GPU will be using the GDDR6 memory as VRAM.

What do you think of Nvidia stocking up on next-gen GPUs? Let us know in the comments.

Source: DigiTimes

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