Confirmed: Red Steel 2 with online support

Debunking all speculations, the world’s largest videogame publisher Ubisoft has shown green light to Red Steel 2. However, rumors surfacing around the web had confirmed the Red Steel sequel months ago but were lacking an authenticity – finally, putting all ambiguities to rest, the official Nintendo Magazine (UK) confirmed Red Steel 2 is in the works and would come with an online play. However, other details were found in scarce, but coming September issue of the magazine is likely to go in further details on looming sequel.

The original game was a great hit over at Nintendo’s Wii and words mentioned in the image also hint the sequel will excel.

Here is what the teaser poster quotes:

Your Move, Young Grasshoppa…

Bigger. Better. Bolder. Bloodier. First screens and hands-on impressions. Only in next month’s Official Nintendo Magazine.

Honestly, if they polish the controls to some extent and include a deep multiplayer/online mode, no one can stop it from sweeping away the old rigid mistaken beliefs entrenched in gamers’ minds and becoming a great game for the Wii. I just hope they would take their time to make it a great iteration and would launch it sometime late next year as a Wii exclusive title.

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