Pot calling the kettle black! Cheater files lawsuit against another cheat

In a bizarre case in Colorado, an expert video-game cheater has filed suit against another expert gamer for – believe it or not – cheating!

David Allison, 25, authored numerous books on how to win X-Box and PlayStation games. He runs the site Cheat Code Central. He has filed a lawsuit in Denver, accusing a California-based company called Crave Online Media of pinching his cheats.

Cheat Code Central, tells gamers how to access hidden game features with instructions gamers dig for. Allison, who started the site as a hobby while he was a student at a suburban Denver high school said; “This is what I’ve been doing for a living.”

Some damage done to his livelihood, right? You can be excused to find some justification in his cause. I can empathize with you Dave. *sob*

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