PUBG Drops Lawsuit Against Epic Games

Anyone who follows gaming news and trends, even casually, will probably have heard of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, commonly known as PUBG.  PUBG is made by PUBG Corp. who are a subsidiary of Bluehole Inc.  PUBG is an incredibly popular battle royal-style game where 100 players drop into a map to fight to the death in an ever-shrinking arena.  PUBG isn’t the only big contender in this genre however, Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games emerged onto the scene after PUBG.  With Fortnite’s release came great success and eventually relegated PUBG to being the second most popular game of this genre.

Moving forward a little bit, PUBG, in a move that garnered them a lot of bad press, sued Epic Games claiming copyright infringement.  It has come to light that there may have been other concerns as well that PUBG had over Fortnite.  Either way, the Korean company sued Epic Games and waiting for more information is what brought us here.

As of a couple days ago, PUBG dropped the lawsuit against Epic Games and Fortnite according to Bloomberg.  This is only known through public record as both companies have been incredibly tight-lipped about the whole thing.  As of now, neither company has responded to requests for statements and it is possible they never will at this point.

As for why the lawsuit was dropped, it could be for a couple different reasons.  For one, it’s possible a settlement was reached outside of court.  However, that’s probably unlikely given that this lawsuit was about a copyright claim.  If Epic Games did what PUBG is alleging, it is hard to believe that just money would put an end to it.  Another reason might have had to do with investors.  Both companies share a large investor, Tencent Holdings.  It is possible that Tencent stepped in as a large investor for both companies.  It also could have just been a matter of PUBG realizing they most likely would not win and all they were doing was looking bad on the public relations front.  Lastly, the game engine that PUBG runs on, Unreal Engine 4, is actually owned by Epic Games.  This could have been a factor in PUBG dropping the suit since who knows what the backlash/consequences of that may be.

As stated above, there’s no news or talk about what’s actually going on or why the suit was dropped.  If a statement is made, we’ll report on it. Until then, it is probably safe to say that this whole thing is over.

Rachel Cooper

Rachel is an English lit major from Canada. She enjoys medieval fantasy novels, cats, power metal, and of course, video games. When it comes to video games, she prefers to play RPGs with great stories and characters. Her favorite games are Tales of Symphonia, Persona 5, and Darkest Dungeon.
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