Sea Of Thieves Is Giving Fans What They Want

Sea of Thieves' Joe Neate, Shelley Preston And Mike Chapman

Sea of Thieves is an Xbox exclusive game and while the launch was a bit shaky, millions of people bought the game and it is amazing to see what Rare has been able to pull off. The team has been getting a lot of feedback and it seems that Rare is listening to the community and are working on giving fans what they want in Sea of Thieves: According to Joe Neate:

With Sea of Thieves, our goal at launch was to create a new IP, create a community around it, and make a new type of multiplayer game that’s a different experience. And success for us meant landing all of that, which would give us the right to go and build on it more.

Now that the game is out and the developers have had some time to tweak the game. Now we have to see how far the developers can take the game in terms of content. This is an online multiplayer game and we have seen plenty of them fail.

So, yeah, we’ve now got that opportunity, and it’s all about how big can we make it. To see how far can we take this game, and how many people can we make fall in love with it as we add new content and the new ways to play. It blows my mind, I won’t be back here in a year’s time talking more about the stats and the things that we’ve done.

While some of the features and content of the game is what fans have asked for but there are surprise elements as well. There will be a blend of both. When it comes to an online game, listening to the community is key and I think that Rare is not taking that lightly. According to Mike Chapman:

It’s a mix of giving players what they want, putting that Sea of Thieves spin on it, but also surprising them. It’s the fact that a lot of players would ask, “I would really like an expanded world. I want more regions to explore.” We haven’t just given them that, we’ve actually gone and made the visuals a core part of the gameplay and added in a whole region with volcanoes that’s geologically unstable.

Rare shared a lot of information and you can check out the complete interview here.


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