Seagate Announces the Launch of the Barracuda SSD

Seagate announced the launch of their new SSD on Prime day

Solid state drives are the way of the future, hard drives are just too damn slow. Thus, Seagate brings you its new 2.5-inch Barracuda SATA SSD. While Seagate’s current line of Firecuda drives are an HDD and SSD hybrid of sorts, creating a hard drive that can be sped up with SSD tech for frequently accessed data, the Barracuda is a bona fide solid state drive that can get the job done.

The Barracuda SSD delivers high read and write speeds of 560 MB/s and 540 MB/s respectively and will also come in a variety of storage capacities ranging from 250 Gb to 2 TB. The SATA connection ensures that this drive is as compatible as possible, not just for PCs, but for laptops as well. The drive also has a low-power mode for reduced power consumption. If you’re worried about the drive crapping out on you, don’t. Every drive has a 5-year warranty on it.

These drives will become available for purchase on Amazon Prime day, July 16. The full price list is below:

  • BarraCuda SSD 250GB – £74.99 / 75 USD
  • BarraCuda SSD 500GB – £109.99 /119 USD
  • BarraCuda SSD 1TB – £229.99 / 229 USD
  • BarraCuda SSD 2TB- £449.99 / / 499 USD

It should be said, these drives will only be available during Prime day, after that they will become fully available starting in September.

“The Barracuda SSD starts up in seconds, allowing you to almost instantly access data, load game levels, open applications, and transfer files. You’ll both be good to go—fast.”

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