Sneak Around The Jurassic World Yourself In This Sneak Peek: Jurassic World Revealed

In conjunction with the release of the new Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom, Universal and Earplay have unveiled their release of a new interactive verbal adventure game called Jurassic World Revealed. As with other releases of Earplay, this release takes verbal story telling to the next level by incorporating interactive gaming moderation for the gamer to navigate through an adventure by commanding simply using his or her voice. The game is available on the entire range of Amazon Echo devices as well as any other smart speakers that have Amazon Alexa configured. Alexa is Amazon’s cloud based smart voice that facilitates the play of this game.

Earplay has been in the business of creating audio integrated experiences since 2013 and Jurassic World Revealed stands out as one of the best creations thus far. According to many reviews since the release, the story line is rather captivating and there is a lot of depth to the story with its twists and turns of plot. However, as the story may span an hour, the game does demand dedication and commitment to listen through the story telling and play along.

The story follows that you (the player) are Jesse, the co-producer of the journalist roaming the area, Janet Best. The two of you are working on an investigative piece about the dinosaurs and characters (yes, all the ones in the movie) roaming the park. This game will test your survival skills by putting you in situations where you must make quick and tough decisions to save your life.

If you own an Alexa enabled device, speak to your Alexa and ask her to “open Jurassic World.” The first chapter of six is free to play, but the remaining chapters will cost USD $3.99 up until the 29th of June and USD $4.99 beyond that date.

Sarmad Burki

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