Steam Hardware Survey June 2018: GTX 1060 Remains The Most Popular GPU With 74.32% Gamers Using Nvidia GPU

Every month Valve conducts hardware survey for its Steam users and the stats for the Steam Hardware Survey for the month of June 2018 have been revealed which reveal that GTX 1060 is still the most used GPU by gamers and 74.32% of gamer prefer Nvidia GPU.

According to Steam Hardware Survey for the month of June 2018, 12.3% of PC gamers on Steam use GTX 1060 which is 0.44% more compared to may 2018, meaning more gamers have shifted to GTX 1060 probably due to the decreasing GPU prices.

On the other hand, 74.32% of steam users now use Nvidia GPU which isn’t surprising since NVidia has been dominating the GPU market for quite some time.

However, for the month of May 2018, 2 GB was the average VRAM used by gamers but in June this has decreased to 1 GB as 25.06% of PC gamers use GPUs with 1 GB of VRAM which is surprising since more users have shifted to GTX 1060.

Furthermore, 1920×1080 is still the common resolution for PC gamers 60.55% of gamer playing games on 1080p displays. Behind GTX 1060 we have GTX 1050 Ti which is being used by 8.23% of Steam users.

On the CPU side of things Intel has maintained its dominance which is somewhat surprising as Intel has been having troubles with Spectre and Meltdown exploits and the release of AMD Ryzen CPUs.

According to the survey, 83.76% of PC gamers user prefer Intel CPU while 16.24% of the Steam users are playing games using AMD CPU. Moving ahead, most of the Steam users are using CPUs with 4 Cores which make up 59.57% of Steam users which is 0.94% less compared to May 2018.

However, it is important to note that this Steam Hardware Survey doesn’t show results for all of the Steam users as a recent policy change requires players to opt for their data to be used since the policy dictates that user data can’t be used without their consent and is hidden by default.

This very policy has lead to the downfall of SteamSpy service which relied on the data acquired from the Steam users. You can check out the full Steam Hardware Survey for the month of June 2018 by following this link.

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