Digimon Survive Guides

Developed by Hyde, Digimon is a visual novel/tactical RPG with survival elements! Takuma and his friends are on a historical studies camp during spring break and decide to explore a local temple. But as they’re exploring, they come across Kormon and discover a bunch of their classmates being attacked by a Digimon. As Koromon digivolves to Agumon to scare off the Digimon, Takuma and the gang realize they’re in another world and must find a way back home! Like many interactive story games, your choices will influence the story’s direction and can lead to one of many endings in the game. But besides just choosing dialogues, you’ll get to roam around, investigate clues, and even take part in some battles as you train your Digimon along the way. And if you’re not careful, some player deaths can be permanent! That is why at eXputer, we have all the best guides, tier lists, error fixes, and best settings related to Digimon Survive to guide you through the unknown Digimon world!