Dwarf Fortress

Brought to you by Bay 12 Games, Dwarf Fortress is an intricate simulation game that focuses on construction and management as you try to create a fortress for your dwarves to survive. Each player starts with their own uniquely generated world with its own set of problems and challenges. Then, with their set of Dwarves with unique personalities, they can embark anywhere in the world that has decades of history and other civilizations. Once settled, you can begin working on your fortress while countering all your surrounding threats by eliminating them through combat or taking a clever approach and laying out all sorts of traps. Expand your fortress by digging out different areas, assigning roles to your dwarves, welcoming new people into your fortress, and much more. However, the thing about huge simulation games is that they can get overwhelming pretty quickly. So, if you ever feel confused, head over to eXputer, where we’ll have the best guides, tier lists, error fixes, and settings related to Dwarf Fortress to ensure that you have the best Fortress out there!