Fallout 76

A sequel to Fallout 4 but a prequel to the entire Fallout saga, Fallout 76 is a four-player multiplayer open-world game based on a post-apocalyptic scenario. You have the option to scale the unexplored horizon of the wasteland world equal to four times the size of the previous game alone or with a merry band of three other players. Set in 2102’s alternative version of West Virginia, the progression of the in-game character is tied behind to seven RPG elements. You kill anything that moves, accumulate the xp, spend it at skill points and scale your character to be a tank, brainy, dexterous or just plain lucky. Whatever you do with your character, here at eXputer, you will discover Fallout 76 guides, Tier lists, Settings, and more. The game was developed and published by Bethesda.

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