Fallout New Vegas

Developed by Bethesda, Fallout New Vegas is the spin-off game branching in the expansive and content-rich universe of the Fallout video game series. Fallout 4 came after Fallout New Vegas, but the prior is not the direct successor of the latter. In New Vegas, players take control of a protagonist called Courier, who is tasked to deliver a mysterious package from the Mojave Desert to New Vegas. Unfortunately, their transport is ambushed, and many are killed or left to rot in the open. Courier takes the path of tracking the murderers and also recovering the lost package. Like the renowned Fallout 76, Fallout New Vegas has a fair share of weapon diversity, dynamic monsters, and human enemies. The overall gameplay value is near an excellent AAA game. If you feel lost or need significant help in scouring Courier’s journey, check out Fallout New Vegas guides and more here at eXputer.