Hard West 2 Guides

Developed by Ice Code Games and a sequel to 2015’s Hard West, Hard West 2 is a turn-based strategy game set in a supernatural version of the old west! You get to play as Gin Carter, a notorious outlaw with quite the reputation. While looking for the next “big score,” you end up hearing rumors of a Ghost Train that is said to be loaded with federal gold, and you decide to go after it. But things go wrong, and now you’re on a hunt to chase down the devil himself in order to get back your soul! Besides just an intriguing narrative, the game offers an incredible world design filled with epic cowboy moments and western tactical battles. With a lot of exploration, crew building, and shootouts with a twist of witchcraft, there is much to do in the game! That is why at eXputer, we have all the best guides, tier lists, error fixes, and best settings related to Hard West II to help you reclaim your soul!