Scorn Guides

After such a long wait, Scorn finally launched with a bang. Brought to you by Ebb Software, Scorn is a first-person biopunk survival horror adventure game. You get to play as a lost humanoid exploring a nightmarish alien planet filled with creepy monsters and oddly advanced technology. The gloomy atmosphere constantly keeps you on edge as you solve the various puzzles of the game in order to progress toward the next chapters. With no cutscenes or exact dialogue, players are left to discover the meaning of the story for themselves as they make their way through the non-linear world. With a huge emphasis on tricky puzzles and problem-solving, you’ll eventually find yourself confused. But fret not, as eXputer will ensure that you’re never stuck for too long. We have the best guides, error fixes, tier lists, and settings related to Scorn so that you have the most smooth and creepiest experience in the nightmare world!