Shatterline, a free-to-play FPS by indie studio Frag Lab LLC, offers fast roguelike gameplay in modes like Conquest, TDM, Plant-the-Bomb, and Escort. Combining elements of Doom, Call of Duty, and Valorant, the game features PvE and PvP modes. In PvE, battle crystalline-infected enemies in a post-apocalyptic world, while PvP lets you play as diverse Operatives with unique skills and gadgets. With smooth gameplay, five maps, and 25 weapons, Shatterline provides a fresh FPS experience. For mastering the game, eXputer offers guides, tier lists, error fixes, and optimal settings.

  • Developer: Frag Lab LLC
  • Publisher: Frag Lab LLC
  • Release Date: September 8, 2022
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC
  • Genre: FPS
  • Engine: Amazon Lumberyard
  • eXputer Review Score: 3.5/5