Steelrising Guides

Steelrising, developed by Spiders, is a Souls-like action RPG filled with merciless mechanical warriors. You play as Aegis, a lone mechanical warrior, in the 1979 French Revolution. The king, Louis XVI, has an entire army of machines, and it’s up to you to take them down. Because the game is loosely based on history, you’ll see figures such as La Fayette and Robespierre. Even the machines take inspiration from technology back in that era. The game has an interesting story, with memorable characters and choices that can alter the events in the game. Not only that, but the game offers typical Souls-like combat. With limited ways of regenerating health and bosses with challenging movesets, you’re bound to have multiple tries and spend much time in the game. That is why at eXputer, we have all the best guides, tier lists, error fixes, and best settings related to Steelrising to help you crush the King of France’s army!