Temtem Guides

Brought to you by Humble Bundle, TemTem is an MMORPG heavily inspired by the Pokémon Series. Like in Pokemon, you can play as a TemTem tamer that chooses from 3 starting TemTem creatures. From there, you begin your journey of fighting other TemTems and catching the best TemTems out of the 160+ creatures out there. The game has six different islands that serve as different districts of the game. All of them have their own dojo leaders that you can challenge. Additionally, your rival, Max, runs into you at times and is always trying to beat you. And just like Team Rocket, TemTem has its own pair of troublemakers known as the Clan Bel Soto. Rather than just taking your creatures, they want to take over the entire land. With a great story, many different creatures with their own abilities, and an overall great experience, there is much to do in the game. That is why at eXputer, we have all the best guides, tier lists, error fixes, and best settings related to TemTem to help you become the best Tamer!