Tom Clancy’s The Division: Leveling Up and XP Guide

Everything you need to know to level up faster in the fierce city of NYC

The division is a game that is solely based on levels, perks, and skills.  Now there are a lot of details in the process of leveling up in The Division which includes gathering intel, gearing up with the best weaponry and completing goals with your squad. We’ll be explaining all the details, shortcuts and tricks on how to level up faster in your journey of The Division.

Gear Up

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The gear you equip plays a big role in enhancing additional attributes that work as an enhancement for your other stats. It also affects your Electronics levels, Stamina and Firearms. You can boost your XP earning rate by prioritizing the level of equipping as many items as you can because some minor attributes can be attached to your gear to increase Kill XP.

Leveling Up

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Surviving in the fierce city of Manhattan in The Division is quite a tiring task, you will have to work your way through the game in order to level up your in-game agent by earning as much XP as possible.  To fight with other tougher enemies which you are going to encounter as you explore further across the map, you will have to increase the “Character Level” by equipping better weapons and gears. This will give you a better chance of making it through the Dark Zone alive also.  Follow these tips adequately and your progress will get a good level of boost towards the more difficult level of 30.

Security Service

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As soon as you rescue Captain Roy Benitez on the Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, you can activate his wing at the base, by activating the wing you will receive the Experienced Agent Perk which will add a 10% gain to XP for all activities. Upgrading base operations should be the first priority and getting the security wing up and running is the key to level up.  Unlocking the Armoury and Barracks upgrades will enable the Combat Veteran Perk, for a sweet 25% increase to XP gained from accolades, but it will cost a handful amount of Security Wing Supplied (1,500) in total but will be worth it since you’re getting 25% bonus.

Close Encounters

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Side missions and Encounters are some other good sources to gain XP, even though side missions are more profitable of the two, so you should work more to tackle either of them if you’re passing nearby. To keep the map filled with these different quests, check in with the JTF Officer and read the situation board whenever you enter a Safe House.  Also keep opening as many Safe Houses you can, to get further sources.

Special Shots That Gain XP

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This is quite the fun part and a great way to increase XP as well, either you’re hitting your enemy’s head or making that triple and quadra kill at a time, Every special term in killing your enemy will give you some XP.  Avoid dying or getting distracted during shooting battles, because you will be receiving bonuses getting through the firefights without being rescued or respawned.

Completing Missions

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Completing missions is an obvious thing in a game like The Division, but the reason this is in this guide is only because the biggest source of XP comes from completing the missions of the main story. Try hovering over on the map and you’ll see the big XP rewards offered by these missions, as well as an option to increase the difficulty to a certain level. One point to keep in mind is that making the challenge harder will not increase the XP in any way, but the more you face higher level enemies the more XP you will get along the way.  You can also replay previous missions to get some of the XP again, although you won’t be getting much profitable XP reward by replaying missions but still its worth it to boost up some level of XP by simply replaying a mission that you’ve played before.

Ramping Up With Your Squad

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Teaming up with other players is another great way to increase your level at a fast pace, as more enemies show up when you play missions as a group, the difficulty of the enemies is increased accordingly for more XP. Teaming up and working together with the more higher level of players can also help you get through the harder missions, this will enable you to access those XP mission rewards which are almost impossible to get at the beginning.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any friends available to play with, there’s always the matchmaking option to go on a solo-ride with other agents.

Gather Intel as much as you can

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Gathering Intel is quite a tiring task, but with the right amount of Intel gained throughout the game you can make some serious XP gains. You will find these collectible items between incident reports, ECHOs, Phone Recordings and more.

Help the people of Manhattan

During your journey across the city of Manhattan, keep your eyes peeled for the people that are in need. These Civilians ask for supplies, specifically energy replenishing supplies. These civilians are automatically scanned on the screen in-game as you get near them. It will give you a small XP bonus, it’s not much but it is something.

These points are the main aspects for the beginners to level up quickly, keep checking your stats to keep a track of your progress always.

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