The World Of Elsword Continues: The First Major Update Since The Release

Elsword is an impeccably designed skill-based role playing game that is free to play for all. It operates as a massively multiplayer game whilst retaining the option to play in a player vs environment mode as well as a player vs player mode. It is set in a manga inspired fantasy realm that has been designed with the utmost attention to the details in graphics to make for seamless game play and attractive effects. It is based around a dozen interesting and diverse characters who come with their own stories, backgrounds, skills, and specialties that make them who they are. The game comes with all the in built features expected in a massively multiplayer role playing game. These include in game chatting, guilds, and trades.

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The outline of the game goes that the players must work their way through the realm of Elrios, overcoming any enemy challenges that stand in their way and consequently increasing their player level to unlock bounties of job classes and skills. Throughout the game, players visit ten regions of the land, each being host to a mainland town where they can carry out regular social activities such as interacting with other players as well as making trades and purchases. Each region is also home to 6dungeons where players have the opportunity to take part in co-op play. Players can also participate in brawls of up to eight players. These constitute the player vs player mode of the game with an individual survival sub mode and a team sub mode that allows for up to 4 players to team up and brawl against a team of matching size.

The game is developed by the Korean KOG Studios, originally as a recycle of the game Grand Chase. It was first released on the Microsoft Windows PC in Korea on the 27th of December, 2007. It was subsequently released in North America on the 23rd of March, 2011, and then across Europe on the 24th of July, 2013. Since its initial release, it has now received its first major steam update which builds upon the plot of the original game, extending the battle against Henir Order. The update also entails the third class change for all of the game’s playable characters which improves their performance and the overall thrill of the game. The first of the three class changes has been released; the second is to follow soon. The Magic Wardrobe has also been further developed. It now houses over 1600 more outfits and accessories for the players.

The new update is available to players who are at the 99th level or above in the game. To avail this massive update, players must make their way into the Lost Elian Sanctuary dungeon and complete the challenge ahead of them.

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