Ubisoft Likes Cloud Streaming But Thinks Subscription Gaming Inhibits Progress

Gives Example Of PS Now

Companies are looking into cloud streaming technology in order to provide a gaming experience to a wider audience and Ubisoft is one of the companies that are also interested in cloud streaming but using it as a subscription model seems to inhibit progress for the company as a publisher. vice president of partnerships and revenue Chris Early explained:

“For us, it’s a question of addressable market. We believe that there are plenty of people who are willing to play the games that we make today if we can deliver it into their hands in a way that they’re willing to pay for. Today, our 150-million customer base buys our games, and as we all know here in this room — we’ve all got friends who stopped playing games because they didn’t buy the last console or didn’t upgrade their PC, who still reminisce about games. We saw that about a game we announced recently [Starlink] where Star Fox is going to be a character. There was an amazing outpouring of nostalgia that created at the press conference. They’re there.”

While Ubisoft does like cloud streaming it seems that the company does not want to go with a subscription-based model and the following is what early had to say in this regard:

“I actually view subscription gaming as inhibiting our progress, and I’ll give you two examples. One is with PS Now. I think that’s a great technology for getting streaming content to people, but we don’t make the money as a publisher — we don’t make the same amount of money as we would even just putting stuff on sale. So why bother, from a publisher’s standpoint?”

PS Now is a cloud streaming service from Sony. You pay a subscription fee, monthly or yearly and in return, you can stream games. If you thought that you would be able to enjoy cloud streaming from Ubisoft on the basis of subscription then it seems that the company is not headed in that direction any time soon.

In my opinion, cloud streaming is a hit or miss. You need a very fast internet connection in order to make it work and most people do not have that.


Talha Amjad

Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.
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