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About Saad “PokemoN” Ahmad

Saad “PokemoN” Ahmed, born on April 15, 1998, stands as a prominent figure in Pakistan’s competitive gaming scene. Widely recognized for his skill in Counter-Strike and Valorant, he has embarked on a remarkable journey, transitioning from an adept professional in the revered Counter-Strike realm to becoming a respected coach, sharing his expertise with burgeoning talents in the gaming community.

Saad’s journey into gaming began early when he was introduced by his gaming enthusiast uncles. Growing up in a tech-savvy family, he delved into competitive gaming at the age of four. His affinity for Counter-Strike blossomed during his time with the Legion team in the heydays of CS 1.6, alongside his uncle Zaps, leading to numerous tournament triumphs. He further ventured into Valorant’s competitive scene as well.

PokemoN and his team clinched 2nd place in the eSports World Cup 2024: Middle Eastern Qualifiers for CS2 and 1st position in the IESF World eSports Championship 2024: Pakistani Qualifier. His coaching prowess also shone through as he guided his team to victory, claiming the top spot in the Skyesports Souvenir 2023 for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Saad’s story in eSports continues to unfold, showcasing his dedication and talent in Counter-Strike.

Tournaments (CS)

  • Esports World Cup 2024: Middle Eastern Qualifier
  • Esports World Cup 2024: Middle Eastern Open Qualifier
  • ESL Challenger at DreamHack Summer 2024: European Open Qualifier
  • IESF World Esports Championship 2024: Pakistani Qualifier
  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: Middle Eastern Qualifier
  • PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: Arabian Open Qualifier
  • Monsters Reloaded 2023
  • Dubai Police Esports Tournament 2023
  • MESL Allstar Cup
  • MESL Ultimate Cup Season 8
  • IESF Asian Championship 2022
  • Monsters Reloaded 2022: GCC Finals
  • IEM Road to Rio 2022: Asia-Pacific RMR – Middle Eastern Qualifier

Stats (CS)

  • Team: Onyx Ravens
  • Matches Played: 6,302
  • Win Rate: 54%
  • Ranking (PK): 3rd
  • Ranking (EU): 2,701
  • Approx. Earnings: $12,000+
  • Years Active: 2018 – Present

Clips of Saad “PokemoN” Ahmad

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

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    How long will the coaching process be?

    The courses eXputer offers will last from one week to a month, depending on the game.

    How much will eXputer’s coaching program cost?

    The eSports coaching program at eXputer costs around $25-50.

    Will eXputer provide personalized coaching?

    Yes, our coaches will provide you personalized coaching in one-on-one sessions.

    Will the coaching include VOD reviews?

    Our coaches will also provide VOD reviews to highlight any mistakes you make in a live game.

    Is there a rank requirement to apply for coaching courses?

    The coaching courses do not require a specific rank to enroll. However, players must know the basics of the game before opting for this course.

    Does eXputer have a refund policy for their coaching courses?

    Players can claim a refund before their coaching sessions begin. However, once the sessions begin you can not claim a refund.