The gaming industry has dramatically changed in the past thirty to forty years. The effects of technological advancements are visible in the gaming industry and the consumer market itself. With the rapid corporatization of gaming media, finding a reliable and independent source of information has become exceedingly difficult in the gaming space. 

Many gaming websites tend to outsource their material from writers that know little to nothing about gaming. Therefore, a significant part of the consumer market is unsatisfied with the quality of information out there. 

That is where we come in. 

We here at are a team of highly dedicated writers and gaming enthusiasts that have taken on the responsibility to provide our readers with the content they need. We believe that only a fellow gamer can answer your questions satisfactorily. 

That is why our team of professionals write guides based on their firsthand experiences and knowledge. Our team members are fellow gaming nerds who actively play their favorite games daily. So, you can rest assured when we say that all our content is gamer-friendly, easy to read, and on par with the videogame journalism and writing standards.

The detailed profiles of our writing team and editorial staff are given below.

Moiz Banoori

Having worked at various Video Game sites, coupled with 7 years of Content Writing Experience. I presently monitor teams, create strategies, and publish qualified pieces through my aptitude.

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Huzaifah Durrani
Guides and Reviews Editor
As an RPG fanatic, Huzaifah is probably Immersed in yet another playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas.
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Abdul Hadi
Senior Guides Writer
I'm just a guy who loves playing video games and writing about them. When not gaming, I can be found wandering around in the streets trying to create a film.
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Irfan Ansari
Senior Editor
With four years of Video Game Journalism and Tremendous love for Gaming, Irfan loves chatting and writing everything about video games.
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Haider Khan
Error Troubleshooter
Battlefield Veteran, PC gaming geek with 2 years of content writing experience.
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Tom Henderson
Investigative Journalist
Having worked at various sites alongside sharing exclusive information from the Video Games Industry. Tom Henderson presently works as Investigate Journalist at eXputer. Follow him on YouTube & Twitter, see what he is up to!
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Matt Hunter
With 4 years of experience as a tech writer on a multitude of websites, Matt Hunter currently reports to eXputer with news-based articles.
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Huzaifa Khan
News Editor
From writing short stories in my room to finding my true enthusiasm in gaming and computer hardware journalism, I play video games and write news about them.
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Sulaymaan Ahmad
Senior Game Guides Writer
A prospective engineer with a long-standing love for competitive multiplayer shooters and narrative-driven experiences. When not sharing his meme-filled thoughts on Facebook, he can be found rocking Buck or Smoke in Rainbow Six Siege.
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Martin Bell
Video Game Settings Expert
Martin has been pursuing the world of technology since his childhood. Extremely passionate about CS:GO and eSports games, a very enthusiastic person when it comes to PC Hardware. He is the king of the gaming realm and that's what makes him stand out from the crowd.
Martin Articles
Ayyoun Ali
Game Settings Expert
Ayyoun is a passionate technology and gaming enthusiast who loves to help others experience the same enthusiasm through his content. With over 4 years of professional writing experience and 15 years of gaming experience, he's always in search of the next best thing people want to know about. He's mostly into the horror genre and his favorite games include Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Hunt Showdown...the list goes on friends. Better save your stash of coffee cuz he might gulp it down before you could say "Expelliarmus".
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Rachel Cooper
Game Guides Writer
Rachel is an English lit major from Canada. She enjoys medieval fantasy novels, cats, power metal, and of course, video games. When it comes to video games, she prefers to play RPGs with great stories and characters. Her favorite games are Tales of Symphonia, Persona 5, and Darkest Dungeon.
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Rabiya Rizwan
Tier List Writer
A rookie writer passionate about gaming. Rarely spotted in the streets, She is either cooped up gaming or watching Japanese cartoons. Striving to be a competitive Tier List writer, Rabiya is using her writing skills working for eXputer.
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News Reporter
Saqib is a Gaming News writer at eXputer with one year of writing experience. His love for RPG Games and great stories knows no bounds. In his free time, Saqib is on yet another adventure with Geralt of Rivia or roaming around in Night City.
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Muhammad Sanan Khan
Tier Lists Expert
With half a decade in Video Game Journalism and an everlasting bond with all things related to video games, Sanan Khan can't even stop himself from blabbering about video games in his sleep.
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Mina Anwar
Gacha Games Guides Writer
Mina is a Gacha games guides writer at Exputer with years of writing experience. When she is away from work, Mina can be found venturing through Mondtstat and Liyue, a place she calls her second home.
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Awais Rana
New Games Guides Writer
Awais is an avid technology enthusiast and somewhat of a gamer himself. Favorite game franchises include Halo, Mass Effect, and Dark Souls, to name a few. Likes to play both AAA and online PvP games. When Awais isn't playing any game, he's sure to be watching gameplays on YouTube!
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Atik Younus
Junior Guides Writer
Atik is a Game Guides Writer at eXputer with plenty of experience under his belt. He has a knack for well-written stories and amazing combat mechanics. When not found going on adventures with Nathan Drake, he's usually found creating 3D artwork and writing code.
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Shahmeer Sarfaraz
News Reporter

A computer science student with blooming reverence for fantasy titles. Shahmeer is a fairly new News Writer at eXputer. Flourishing his aptitude for writing with one article at a time. When not covering the latest gaming news, Shahmeer can be found farming away in a heavily modded Stardew Valley.

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Ahmed Mansoor
News Reporter

Your average video games enjoyer with a deep passion for single-player adventures who writes about his favorite hobby.

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Najam Ul Hassan
News Reporter

Just a regular guy that has been entranced by video games, movies, and literature in general, all his life.

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Chris Paul
News Writer

Terrible at Elden Ring but love it. Favorite game of all is Zelda Ocarina of Time.

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Matt Toledo
News Reporter
Matt is a Business and Finance student from the US. He enjoys video games, and is an avid Halo and Mass Effect fan.
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Javeria Ali
Junior Guides Writer
Just an avid gamer who loves everything about video games. I have a special place for Sims 4 in my heart, which happens to be one of the first games I tried.
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Zohaib Abdullah
New Games Guides Writer
From a young age, Zohaib immersed himself in FPS and RPG games. Now, at eXputer, he uses that experience to write Game Guides. Once he finishes writing the latest guide, he hops back on his latest Skyrim save to continue Dragonborn’s Journey.
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Huzaifa Malik
Mobile Games Writer
Huzaifa is a gaming geek who has a never-ending love for FPS and RPG games. He started playing Call of Duty at the age of 12 and never stopped since. Huzaifa keeps himself in touch with the latest gaming trends and exciting news by digging deep inside Discord and Reddit as he loves to learn and talk about new games.
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Usama Qaiser
Best Games Writer
He is eccentric about Action games like Yakuza as well as his favorite JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Persona. Nowadays you can find him focusing his mana on writing guides at eXputer.
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Kashaf Ul Khair
RPG Games Writer |

Kashaf has a knack for CRPGs, and she is always on the hunt for creating content after exploring dungeons, defeating waves of enemies of crushing down bosses with flawless strategies. When not writing at eXputer, Kashaf can be seen playing King Arthur: Knight's Tale.

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John Rooney
News Editor
John Rooney delves deep into the gaming industry with his several years of news reporting experience. After managing multiple websites, he now oversees eXputer as the chief News Editor.
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Tehreem Fatima
Tier List Editor
Tehreem is an empathetic writer who writes for the love of it. She couples this with her interest in gaming to inform like-minded intellects what's going on in the gaming realm. She'll mostly be catching up with her high school studies when not writing great Tier Lists.
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The following writers contributed to eXputer, but no longer write for us.

Talha Raja
Junior Guides Writer
I love creative writing. It's fun to come up with stories and share them with everyone. When not doing that, you might find me watching obscure movies or looking at puppies online.
Sarim Khan
Game Guides
Sarim is a Finance major, fantasy writer, creative consultant, and professional developmental and line editor. When not writing, Sarim is dreaming about storytelling and gaming.
Muhammad Serai
Interviews Editor
PC gaming enthusiast, pop culture connoisseur and Brazilian Juijitsu white belt.
Nameer Zia
News Reporter
Fond of writing at a young age and having spent his free time writing his own stories and poems, he's channeling his experiences today into working as the news team at eXputer.
Nauman Siddique
Hardware Editor
I am a tech reviewer who loves to play with the hardware and do an in-depth analysis of the hardware for the content creation. I have over 120 contents to my credit and this number is ever growing. Besides, I love to assemble PCs and do troubleshooting. Nauman Siddique presently works at Tech4Gamers as Hardware Editor.
Umer Cheema
News Writer
By day, Umer loves writing about games and talking about them; by night, he is an avid gamer that loves playing League of Legends and RTS games. Being a massive fan of Metal Gear Solid, you'll find Umer always praising the legendary Hideo Kojima, or covering the latest news.