Moiz Banoori
Senior Editor

Having worked at various Video Game sites, coupled with 7 years of Content Writing Experience. I presently monitor teams, create strategies, and publish qualified pieces through my aptitude.

Huzaifah Durrani
Guides and Reviews Writer
As an RPG fanatic, Huzaifah is probably Immersed in yet another playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas.
Abdul Hadi
Guides Writer
I'm just a guy who loves playing video games and writing about them. When not gaming, I can be found wandering around in the streets trying to create a film.
Irfan Ansari
Guides Writer
With four years of Video Game Journalism and Tremendous love for Gaming, Irfan loves chatting and writing everything about video games.
Haider Khan
News Reporter
Battlefield Veteran, PC gaming geek with 2 years of content writing experience.
Matt Hunter
News Reporter

With 4 years of experience as a tech writer on a multitude of websites, Matt Hunter currently reports to eXputer with news-based articles.

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