Asad Ahmed

Asad Ahmad is a Games Reviewer on eXputer who’s combined his passion for writing and gaming into a sweet blend of content for his audience to enjoy. He started off his gaming journey in the RTS genre but settled on RPGs like Skyrim as his go-to games. Asad has a substantial amount of writing experience in reviewing and writing for games, which is backed up by his extensive gaming library on Steam. Experience: 2+ Years || Mainly covers Game Reviews || Education: Bachelors in Electrical Engineering.
Most Played Games
  • 700+ hours in CS2.
  • 700+ hours in GTA V: Online.
  • 500+ hours in Skyrim.
  • 500+ hours in The Witcher 3.
Gaming History
Started gaming back in 2007 when his cousin introduced him to Red Alert 2. RTS is where Asad's gaming journey started, but RPGs are where he fell in love with video games.
Gaming Platforms
PC (GTX 1060 and i7-6700).
75 Articles