It’s appropriate to call video games the modern wonder of the entertainment media. What started as a simple ping pong game based on a few pixels has expanded onto a plethora of virtual worlds that cover all the possible genres within the entertainment industry. Games have been divided into various genres, and we cover them all. Video games are a nexus of addicting entertainment that satisfies all the cravings for fantasy and adventure alike, from high-octane FPS titles to casual games where you farm away your crops in peace while raising slimes. Games can be enjoyed alone, or you can invite your friends to play with you in co-op.

Multiplayer games have also grown in the past decennia, boosting the immersiveness of the gaming industry to the moon. Video games provide a long-lasting solace and a break from reality. However, they can also be addicting and interfere with one’s life, so it’s advised by professionals to moderate your gaming time. On eXputer, you will find gaming news of every genre like RPGs, action, adventure, open-world, FPS, multiplayer, fantasy, indie, AAA, and many more. You can relinquish your cravings in eXputer regarding the future of your favorite games, upcoming, anticipated titles, and the current happenings in the gaming industry.