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    7 hours ago

    Elden Ring Convergence Is The Perfect Way To Get Back Into The Game Before The DLC

    Elden Ring Convergence is the one overhaul mod that is definitely worth trying out before…
    12 hours ago

    A “Destruction Galore” Hulk Game Is Long Overdue — Make It Happen, Marvel

    With mindless destruction and a relishing showcase of might, the past Hulk games were a…
    15 hours ago

    Why Indie Games Fail To Keep Their Place In The Spotlight

    A look into the sad trajectory of indie games from high successful releases to complete…
    16 hours ago

    Elden Ring DLC Trailer Confirms Miquella Is Literally Griffith From Berserk

    Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree story trailer showcases similarities between Miquella and Griffith, further…
    20 hours ago

    Marvel Is Leaving Money On The Table Without A New Deadpool Game

    Considering how hilarious and enjoyable the original Deadpool game was, another title is long overdue;…
    22 hours ago

    Sand Land Is A Breath Of Fresh Air Among All These Anime Arena Fighters

    Sand Land, a shounen anime translated into an enjoyable open-world RPG proves how suffocating and…
    2 days ago

    Wuthering Waves Should Be Given The Benefit Of The Doubt For Its Early Issues

    Wuthering Waves players are facing issues of game crashes, connection timeouts, and more, but I…
    2 days ago

    The Indie Games Scene Is Carrying The Gaming Industry At This Point

    Indie games are single-handedly carrying the gaming industry right now and it's about time they…
    2 days ago

    Hellblade 2 Is An Unrivaled Spectacle, But The Gameplay Neglection Bothers Me

    Ninja Theory outdid itself in Hellblade 2 with the photorealistic visuals and the unreal audio…
    2 days ago

    PlayStation’s Planet Of The Discounts Promo: Top Recommendations To Check Out

    PlayStation's Planet of the Discounts sale event has cut back on the prices of Hogwarts…
    3 days ago

    Shadow Of The Erdtree Unveils The Lands Between Is Built On A Graveyard

    From the origins, betrayals, and massacres to Miquella's possible role, Shadow of the Erdtree presents…
    3 days ago

    Looking Back, Fire Emblem Engage’s Poor Writing Overshadowed Its Gameplay

    Illuminating the gameplay and visuals is just practicing laziness. The Fire Emblem franchise deserves good…
    4 days ago

    Top 6 Games With Gorgeously Detailed Towns

    Certain games, such as Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine DLC pack…
    4 days ago

    Looks Like Assassin’s Creed Shadows Is Already Headed Toward Monetization Hell

    With physical copies requiring internet, insane pricing, and paywalled content, Ubisoft's massacre of Assassin's Creed…
    4 days ago

    6 Superhero Games Other Than Batman: Arkham And Marvel’s Spider-Man You Need To Play

    The Marvel's Spider-Man and Batman: Arkham franchises aren't the only set of superhero games you…
      4 days ago

      Limited Run Games: There’s Still Demand For Physical Media, But Not In “Traditional Way”

      Limited Run Games believes that more companies will start selling a limited number of physical media in a decade.
      2 weeks ago

      Norihiko Hibino Interview: The Composer Talks About Why He Didnt Return For Bayonetta 3

      While appreciating PlatinumGames for their work on Bayonetta 3, Norihiko Hibino states he didn't understand the concept of the title.
      4 weeks ago

      Songs Of Silence Developer Says Publishers Rarely Support Innovative Ideas Now

      Chimera Entertainment is hoping that Songs of Silence will be the game that gets the developer through the industry's dark times.
      4 weeks ago

      Chants Of Sennaar Interview: There Are No Plans For Additional Playable Content

      Despite great reception, developers of Chants of Sennaar consider the game to be complete as it is and have no plans for major updates.
      4 weeks ago

      Arcade Paradise VR Interview: New Version’s More Of A Sister Game Than A Port

      The Game Director of Arcade Paradise VR considers the VR version to be a separate game as the team reworked a lot of the original content.
      4 weeks ago

      Shockbyte Interview: Palworld’s Launch Was 25x Larger Than Minecraft For The Company

      Shockbyte believes that Palworld would not have survived server-hosting costs at launch, and its multiplayer strategy paid off well.
      April 24, 2024

      Chaosium Interview: Expect To See More Board Games In Near Future, Says Creative Director

      Aside from focusing on board games and RPGs, Chaosium could be working with other publishers like Focus Home Entertainment and Bethesda.
      April 24, 2024

      Shurick Agapitov Interview: Discussing The Metaverse, Web3 Gaming, And More

      The Founder and CEO of Xsolla says that adopting Web3 gaming technology is a critical evolutionary step for the industry.
      April 23, 2024

      Warframe Interview: “Any Loose Ends In The Overall Narrative Are In Our Sights,” Says Dev

      While discussing the future of Warframe, Rebecca Ford said the team plans to wrap up any loose ends relevant to the current in-game events.
      April 19, 2024

      Naraka Interview: Dev Would Love To Create A Movie Or TV Series Based On The IP

      The Lead Designer of Naraka: Bladepoint has also confirmed that at least one new map will be released in 2024.
      April 17, 2024

      Broken Roads Interview: Devs Discuss Sound Design, Disco Elysium, And More

      Speaking to us, the developers of Broken Roads reveal how they refrained from playing Baldur's Gate 3 to avoid getting many mixed ideas.
      April 16, 2024

      Predecessor Interview: Work On Two New Game Modes Is Underway, Says Dev

      The developer is excited to share details on one of these modes at a later date, says that internal tests have been "unbelievably fun."
      April 15, 2024

      Runes of Magic Interview: Gameforge Discusses Commitment To Mitigate P2W Elements

      Gameforge wants to maintain a level playing field for players and mitigate any P2W elements that may disrupt the integrity of Runes of Magic.
      April 11, 2024

      Smite 2 Interview: Devs Are “Keenly Aware” Of Shortcomings Of Other Live Service Sequels

      The developers of Smite 2 explain to us how it has taken into consideration the challenges faced by other live service titles.
      April 9, 2024

      Saga Mainnet Interview: Discussing Web3, Game Preservation, And Job Security

      We discussed the launch of Saga Mainnet with Rebecca Liao and how this Web3 infrastructure fits into the current volatile gaming industry.
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