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    1 day ago

    TGA 2023 Felt Like A Successor To E3, For Better or Worse

    While The Game Awards 2023 features the strongest premiers in TGA history, much more work…
    2 days ago

    Baldur’s Gate 3’s Game Of The Year Status Proves Indie Dominance

    Baldur's Gate 3's has earned the Game Of The Year title while also igniting a…
    3 days ago

    5 Times Major Video Games Released On The Same Day

    Like Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros. in October, many AAA games have launched on…
    3 days ago

    Spider-Man 2 Not Winning Anything At TGA ’23 Proves Insomniac Played It Too Safe

    Marvel's Spider-Man 2 failed to win any accolades at TGA 2023, proving that Insomniac needs…
    3 days ago

    The Game Awards Had Something For Everyone, Except Silksong And Elden Ring Fans

    While TGA 2023 was filled with exciting reveals and well-balanced awards, there was a painful…
    4 days ago

    It’s Been 13 Years Since The Cliffhanger, When’s The Darksiders Finale Coming?

    Now that all of Darksiders' horsemen have been explored, it's about time we get the…
    4 days ago

    Overwatch 2’s Best Changes Have Just Been Reverts To Overwatch 1’s Systems

    Blizzard developers have steadily been reverting all the changes they made to Overwatch 2 after…
    5 days ago

    GTA 6 Has The Perfect Chance To Create Two Mechanically Distinct Protagonists

    The much-anticipated GTA 6 trailer is here, and while its two protagonists take the spotlight,…
    5 days ago

    Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Update Breaks Things That Didn’t Need Fixing

    In an effort to reinvent the wheel, Epic has seemingly changed Fortnite's movement and UI…
    1 week ago

    Farewell, CSGO: The CS2 Mess That Changed Everything

    CS2 is the brand-new overhaul for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but the update has severely impacted…
      5 days ago

      Afterlove EP Devs Want To Bring Mohammad Fahmi’s Vision To Life

      After the tragic passing of Mohammad Fahmi, the developers of Afterlove EP are working hard to keep the game true to his vision.
      1 week ago

      My Time At Sandrock Sequel May Surprise Fans, Says Dev

      The Director of My Time at Sandrock says the next entry could have a few surprises, though there are no development plans before summer 2024.
      2 weeks ago

      Astral Ascent Dev Hopes Recent Success Leads To Xbox Release

      eXputer sat down with one of the Co-Founders at Hibernian Workshop to discuss the journey behind its recent release, Astral Ascent.
      2 weeks ago

      Pixel Cafe Took Inspiration From Soviet Union’s Collapse In Eastern Europe

      eXputer sat down with the Game Designer and Narrative Designer at Baltoro Games to discuss the studio's upcoming title, Pixel Cafe.
      2 weeks ago

      Sons of Saturn Dev Took Thousands Of Photos Of Real Abandoned Places

      eXputer sat down with the Creator of The Saturn Studio to discuss the inspirations and behind-the-scenes details about Sons of Saturn.
      2 weeks ago

      Gangs Of Sherwood Devs Say Porting It To Consoles Was Tricky

      eXputer sat down with the Game Director at Appeal Studios to discuss the different facets of Gangs of Sherwood.
      2 weeks ago

      Truck & Logistics Simulator Will Get More Content After Release

      eXputer sat down with the Founder of Simula Games to discuss the studio's upcoming title, Truck & Logistics Simulator.
      3 weeks ago

      Ashborne Games Considered Making Last Train Home As An RPG

      eXputer sat down with the Managing Director at Ashborne to talk about the studio's upcoming real-time strategy game, Last Train Home.
      3 weeks ago

      Paper Trail To Receive Release Date Announcement “Very Soon”

      eXputer sat down with the Co-founder of Newfangled Games to discuss behind-the-scenes details about the upcoming game, Paper Trail.
      3 weeks ago

      Alien Hominid Interview: Ensuring The Iconic Series Lives On In Next-Gen Consoles

      eXputer sat down with the Co-Founder of The Behemoth to discuss why the studio took so long in revisiting the Alien Hominid series.

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      Why Trust Us?

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