Monster Hunter World: Iceborn Weapon Tier List [All Ranked]

I have ranked all possible weapons for Iceborne based off of the damage output, range, offense and defense capabilities!

Monster Hunter World is an intricate world with tons of weapons to choose from for the Iceborne, and choosing amongst these weapons can be a menace. In the Monster Hunter World Iceborn Weapon Tier List, I aim to rank all weapons from S-Tier to C-Tier and list their pros and cons so that it is easier to pick the best option. 

Key Takeaways

Monster Hunter World has a total of 14 weapons for Iceborne.

  • S-Tier: Weapons that are the best of the best, have a high damage output, and offer the best abilities. 
  • A-Tier: Weapons that are a great choice, and have well-balanced defensive as well as offensive capabilities. 
  • B-Tier: The weapons are average at best, and there are better options, as these don’t have the best DPS output or the best defense. 
  • C-Tier: Weapons that should not be chosen unless needed. 

Monster Hunter World Iceborn Weapon Tier List 

Below listed is a summarized version of the weapons that are ranked in tiers for Monster Hunter World: 

Monster Hunter World Weapon NameTierWeapon TypeDamage Type
Light BowgunSRangedShot Damage
Dual BladesSMeleeCut
GreatswordSMeleeBlunt And Cut
Heavy BowgunSRangedShot
Switch AxeAMeleeCut
Charge BladeAMeleeCut
Insect GlaiveBMeleeSlashing
Sword And ShieldBMeleeCut
Hunting HornCMeleeBlunt


When it comes to the S-Tier in the Monster Hunter World Iceborn Weapon Tier List, includes weapons that are best for solo play. The weapons are typically easy to use, have a high damage output, and can take enemies out with ease. 

Light Bowgun 

Light Bowgun MHW
Light Bowgun
  • Players can freely move around while using the Light Bowgun due to its play style. 
  • It offers high mobility, making players agile and swift with their movement. 
  • The reload speed for the Light Bowgun is a plus point as well. 
  • An excellent choice for solo play. 
  • The attack output can stack, though it is on the lower side as compared to the Heavy Bowgun. 

Dual Blades 

  • One of the best weapons if you have a fast playstyle. 
  • Its attacks are insanely swift, making it a great fit for solo play. 
  • The damage output is pretty viable, which makes it an even better choice. 
  • The playstyle is difficult to pick up due to its difficult learning curve. 
  • Players won’t be able to have a longer range using a Dual Blade. 


Greatsword MHW
Greatsword Weapon
  • A weapon with one of the most detonating damage outputs, making it a solid choice. 
  • Players can easily pick it up and learn its controls. 
  • An excellent option for solo play. 
  • Causes you to slow down.
  • Difficult to traverse areas with.
  • Its abilities are slow, and it takes a while to deal high damage. 


Hammer Weapon MHW
Hammer Weapon
  • Enemies are easily thrown away when the Hammer is used to strike them. 
  • A good amount of damage can be output using the Hammer, making it a solid choice. 
  • It can also detonate enemies easily due to its playstyle. 
  • It is relatively easy to learn, making it a viable option. 
  • Its overall range is pretty low, though it can be countered with its advantages. 

Heavy Bowgun 

Heavy Bowgun MHW
Heavy Bowgun Being Used
  • The Heavy Bowgun is insanely easy to use. 
  • Players can easily grasp its controls and can learn it quickly. 
  • The total damage output is pretty high, making it a solid option. 
  • The weapon offers low mobility, which might make moving around difficult for players. 
  • Players need to be varied while moving about to avoid being killed due to low mobility. 


As far as the A-Tier weapons are concerned in the Tier for Iceborn Weapons in Monster Hunter World, while these weapons do not fit into the best of the best as the ones in the S-tier, these still offer a great deal of damage, are hard-hitting, and are fit for combat. 

Switch Axe 

Switch Axe MHW
Switch Axe Held 
  • A high damage output deems it a great fit for players. 
  • Players can freely move around while using the Switch Axe. 
  • The attacks are agile and swift. 
  • An all-rounder option for solo-play as well as general use. 
  • The Switch Axe has a bit of a learning curve, making it a difficult option to choose. 


Longsword MHW
Longsword Showcased In Monster Hunter World
  • The Longsword offers excellent DPS capabilities.
  • Players can reach far and wide using the Longsword due to its reach.
  • You can have excellent mobility using the Longsword since it does not restrain players. 
  • Incredibly agile attacks allow the playstyle to be fun, too. 
  • None. 

Charge Blade 

Charge Blade MHW
Charge Blade Showcase
  • The Charge Blade offers an excellent offensive output towards the enemies. 
  • A hard-hitting weapon is a must-have for all players. 
  • The playstyle isn’t all that easy to learn and can take a while to pick up. 


The B-Tier is where the weapons start to become lackluster and become average at best in the Monster Hunter World Iceborne Weapon Tier List. The damage output won’t be the best, and there are better weapons available. However, the B-tier weapons are great options if these are the only ones available. 


Gunlance MHW
Gunlance Weapon In MHW
  • The Gunlance is best for negating incoming damage as it offers excellent defense. 
  • The overall damage is pretty good. 
  • Players don’t get the highest mobility using the Gunlance. 


Bow As A Weapon
  • Insanely high DPS abilities. 
  • It offers the players a high range for reaching opponents. 
  • Has a steep learning curve. 

Insect Glaive 

Insect Glaive MHW
Insect Glaive Weapon
  • The Insect Glaive offers the player high mobility.
  • Buffs can be deemed very significant during battle. 
  • The damage output is pretty viable, too. 
  • There is a swift learning curve that the player needs to go through to use the Glaive. 

Sword and Shield 

Sword and Shield MHW
Sword and Shield Showcase
  • A highly versatile weapon, offering both damage as well as defense. 
  • The DPS capabilities of the Sword and Shield are not to be ignored. 
  • It can also provide a pretty solid defense to players. 
  • Difficult to learn. 


Last but not least, the C-Tier weapons fall off the list completely. They lack usability and versatility and are not fit for a strong fight if you want to win it. Their damage is also lacking, and they might be difficult to get used to. 


Lance MHW
Lance Weapon Showcase
  • The Lance offers one of the best defenses in Monster Hunter World. 
  • Players can have a solid range and can hit enemies that are far away. 
  • The damage output isn’t all that good. 

Hunting Horn

Hunting Horn mhw
Hunting Horn Weapon
  • A good option for multiplayer. 
  • A difficult option to choose for solo play. 
  • Lacks in both damages as well as defense capabilities. 

Tier List Criteria 

When it comes to the ranking criteria for the best weapons for Iceborne, there are a few things that players need to keep in mind. 

  • Damage output: The weapon is typically ranked high if it offers a higher damage output as it is required to kill enemies. 
  • Defense abilities: Players also need to defend themselves from incoming attacks; therefore, defense abilities are also taken into consideration. 
  • Reach and Range: If the weapon has a high range, it ensures the players reach the monsters with ease. 

With that, let’s wrap up the Tier List! 

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Solid Tier List, but seeing my beloved Insect Glaive in B tier broke my heart.

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