Multiverse Defenders Tier List [All Characters Ranked]

With 35 hours in the game, here is my take on ranking of all the 31 characters in Multiverse Defenders.

Anime Adventures might be down at the moment and for the foreseeable future the game might not see a comeback to Roblox but Multiverse Defenders is an equally good if not a better game than that. Today, I will be ranking all the characters in my Multiverse Defenders Tier List. I will discuss the fights against the raid bosses, the strengths, the effectiveness, and the usefulness of these characters.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 31 characters in Multiverse Defenders.
  • S-Tier: These characters are overpowered and the undisputed characters in Multiverse Defenders.
  • A-Tier: The characters here are extremely good but a little less overpowered. Don’t miss out.
  • B-Tier: The characters in this tier are reliable and very balanced, and thus you can bank on them.
  • C-Tier: These characters are average but don’t expect too much from them.
  • D-Tier: The worst tier has characters that are weak and if you don’t use them it is better.

Multiverse Defenders Characters Ranking & Comparison

I have ranked 31 characters from Multiverse Defenders based on useful statistics like Damage, Range, and SBA. The statistics are shown in the table below and you can easily sort it. 

9All NightA432184.1
20Peach BlossomB378133.6


Best Characters in Roblox Based Game Multiverse Defenders
Best Characters in the Game – [Image Captured by Us]
These characters have unparalleled stats, skills, and rarity. They are not ordinary characters and can change the fate of most raids and battles in the game. Premium gems obtained throughout the game can be used to unlock these characters and attain an unmatched strength that is essential in ensuring victory in the world of Multiverse Defenders.

Levyn is by far my favorite character in the game but if you pick any of the Mabu, Megu, Sabon, and Shonks you will not be disappointed. The character, Shonks is the favorite of many players and you will find it in the top tier of most rankings. 


Very Good characters of my Multiverse Defenders Tier List
Very Good Characters in the Game – [Image Captured by Us]
These are extremely good characters with unique stats, skills, and rarity but they are not as formidable as the characters from the S-Tier. You need premium gems obtained from cases, quests, or purchases to summon them from the Gacha Banner but they are a little easier to obtain than the characters from the S-Tier.

As the statistics in the table suggest, these characters are not as overpowering as the S-Tier characters. For me, Flamingo is the best character from this tier. Not only because of the Damage, range, and SBA but also because of how beautifully the character is designed. 

B Tier

Balanced Characters of the game
Balanced Characters in the Game – [Image Captured by Us]
The pool of characters in Multiverse Defenders is very diverse. The B-Tier is a set of very serviceable characters but on the other hand not overpowered. These are balanced characters with a stable foundation, these are consistent and adaptable characters, unlocking them doesn’t need you to grind much in comparison to the characters of the tiers above.

I would be lying if I said that any of these characters excite me after putting in the effort to unlock the more powerful characters but if I have to pick one, then it would be Friezo.


Average characters of my multiverse defenders tier list
Average Characters in the Game – [Image Captured by Us]
These are characters that have moderate stats, skills, and rarity and are not as serviceable as the characters from the B-Tier. Don’t expect too much from them but don’t discard them, unlike the characters from the D-Tier. Unlocking them doesn’t require an arm or two, it is very easy.

Oh, the hard choice. If I had to pick any subpar character, it would be Goko. The reason is that it was my first character in the game and many of you will probably be given Goko when you first join the game. Overall these characters are good at the start but as you grow, you will have only a nostalgic feeling for them.


worst characters of the game
Worst Characters in the Game – [Image Captured by Us]
I have reached the lower echelons now, these are characters that I will stamp with weakness and limited capabilities. Avoid them, discard them, and skip them in most situations. You can unlock them easily and some are free, but hey, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. 

No, I am not picking any favorites here. The stats are bad but the character models are horrendous. Nah! I ain’t picking any here. Avoid them like a plague and save yourself. It is good, that in most cases when you first spawn in the game, they will not be compulsory for you to use.

Multiverse Defenders Tier List Criteria 

With 31 characters in the game, I have carefully come up with this characters tier list based on the following stats:

  • Damage
  • Range
  • SBA

As you can see, my tier list showcases a diverse range of characters. From the S-Tier you have characters like Levyn and Shonks who will dominate with unparalleled power, and then there are characters from the A-Tier like Flamingo with unique abilities. B-Tier has characters like Friezo who are easy to unlock and give you a balanced experience.

At the same time, C-Tier characters are necessary to use at the start like Goko, who will be the first character of many players. The D-Tier characters are weak and it is recommended to avoid them. A Tier list is subjective and my opinion is formed through my experiences and your ranking might vary.


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