Muhammad Sanan Khan

Muhammad Sanan Khan is a Tier List expert on eXputer who loves to talk and write about everything related to video games. He has half a decade's worth of experience writing for video games and is also the founder of TopTierList, a website dedicated to Tier Lists and rankings only. For some reason, Sanan is obsessed with ranking things and researching what's best. Learn some more about Sanan's gaming journey on his Steam profile. Experience: 5+ Years || Founder at TopTierList || Mainly Covers Tier Lists on eXputer || Education: BBA.
Most Played Games
  • 10,000+ hours into many story driven franchises like:
  • The Witcher Series.
  • Mass Effect Series.
  • Metal Gear Series.
  • BioShock Series.
  • Uncharted Series.
Gaming History
Sanan's Dad gifted him a PS1 almost 20 years ago, his love for gaming hasn't dimmed one bit since then. Sanan also left his first love for gaming, a flex? Maybe not, but for him, it is.
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