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Black Clover M is an RPG by Garena, the famous creator of Free Fire. Unlike the intense mobile shooter, Black Clover M dives into the enchanting realm of the popular Japanese manga and anime series. The choice of a wide-character roster and the turn-based battles unfold dramatically, featuring mini cutscenes that add a comical touch to encounters with tough enemies. This Black Clover M tier list aims to bring the best characters into the spotlight so you can avoid the underperforming ones in the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are 50 characters in Black Clover M.
  • SS-Tier: Exceptionally powerful characters with superior stats and game-changing Skills in Black Clover M.
  • S-Tier: Strong characters that stand out with above-average capabilities.
  • A-Tier: Solid characters offering good performance, balancing effectiveness and versatility.
  • B-Tier: Moderately effective characters that are suitable for specific strategies or support roles.
  • C-Tier: Characters with noticeable limitations, lacking the power and versatility of higher tiers.
  • D-Tier: Weakest characters, facing significant drawbacks and challenges in Black Clover M.

All Black Clover M Characters Ranked

Here is a complete ranking of all Black Clover M characters showcased along with rarity, class, type, ATK, M.ATK, DEF, HP, ACC, DMG RES, CRIT Damage, CRIT RES, Speed, Penetration, and Endurance stats.

CharacterTierRarityClassTypeATKM.ATKDEFHPACCDMG RESCRIT RateCRIT DamageCRIT ResSpeedPenetrationEndurance
Charlotte RoseleiSS-TierSSRDebufferPower8264275448185220420724113.50%50%0%11210447
Yami SukehiroSS-TierSSRAttackerPower11594511432074275024120122.03%57.50%0%10313657
Lotus WhomaltSS-TierSSRDefenderTechnique43391072037365742020720115.83%45%0%10711453
Asta [Clover Academy]S-TierSSRAttackerPower178391783942074050021020115%50%0%10910657
Finral RoulacaseS-TierSRSupporterPower1800540048395343920516410.80%50%0%12410151
Rades SpiritoS-TierSSRDefenderSense0959962128130020121012.15%50%0%1009675
Mimosa [Clover Academy]S-TierSSRHealerSense190067004009718002052058.10%50%0%10110160
Nebra SilvaS-TierSRDebufferSense2871861329485377720720912.83%45%0%10711453
William VangeanceS-TierSSRSupporterTechnique3999399957716160020516410.80%50%0%12610151
Noelle SilvaA-TierSRSupporterPower2075567541505453920520510.80%50%3.20%11010160
Mimosa VermillionA-TierSRHealerPower201054293988583202052058.10%50%0%9510168
Fuegoleon VermillionA-TierSSRAttackerSense49201176037075400021020115%40%0%10312257
Vanessa EnotecaA-TierSRSupporterSense1710512957374924820523410.80%50%0%11010176
Rill BoismortierA-TierSSRDebufferSense2696809044586264518626113.50%45%0%10710468
Charmy PappitsonA-TierSRHealerTechnique440444043988554042052058.10%50%0%9510168
Solid SilvaA-TierSRAttackerTechnique3196902828863847522120127.03%63.50%0%10310657
Sol MarronA-TierSRDefenderTechnique6480216059226609920131512.15%50%0%1009667
Yami [Clover Academy]A-TierSSRAttackerTechnique12799359932075000021020115%70%0%10310657
Leopold VermillionB-TierSSRAttackerPower58341375432074050023020115%50%0%10313657
Gauche AdlaiB-TierSRAttackerTechnique3666949828863847522920122.03%57.50%0%10312157
Jack the RipperB-TierSSRAttackerTechnique10960412032074950021020127.50%55%0%10312257
Luck VoltiaB-TierSRAttackerTechnique7080708030864229921020115%50%0%10310657
Nozel SilvaB-TierSSRDebufferTechnique4049984944585220020720116.50%50%0%10710459
Magna SwingC-TierSRDebufferPower2860807932474907920720113.50%50%0%10711259
Heath GriceC-TierSRDebufferTechnique5209520935724438220722113.50%50%0%11211247
Alecdora SandlerC-TierSRAttackerSense7230723028864049921820115%50%0%10312157
Klaus LunettesD-TierRDefenderSense6335211144386299220121812.15%50%0%1009682
Shiren TiumD-TierSRDebufferPower9073333129385167720720114.03%45%0%10711453
Gordon AgrippaD-TierRDebufferTechnique2329673731753863320722113.50%50%0%11210847
Marx FrancoisD-TierRSupporterSense9614327720524094921020114.24%45%1.60%10311751
Revchi SalikD-TierRDebufferTechnique7190255030574176020720114.10%50%0%10710459
Sekke BronzazzaD-TierRDefenderTechnique2120596050795683820131512.15%50%0%1009663
Salim de HapshassD-TierRAttackerTechnique3254901525663599921420115%50%0%10311157


Black Clover M – SS Tier

In my opinion, the SS-tier characters in Black Clover M are some of the powerful individuals such as Charlotte Roselei, who stands among the game’s strongest characters, delivering significant damage to enemies. Charlotte’s versatility shines through her skill set, featuring impactful abilities for strategic use in fights. 

Mars, another standout SS-tier character, utilizes sharp mineral fragments to inflict damage on enemies. Additionally, his Mineral Assault skill causes ore to emerge from the ground, delivering further damage to opponents.

Lotus Whomalt contributes to the SS-tier with a skill set that involves throwing a plume of smoke to damage all enemies. That is why I believe that SS-tier characters in Black Clover M bring not only raw power but also strategic depth to the combat!


Black Clover M – Tier S

The S-tier characters in Black Clover M feature exceptional abilities and strategic value, contributing significantly to how you engage in combat. Asta [Clover Academy], classified as an Attacker with SSR rarity, wields both the Demon-Dweller Sword and Demon-Slayer Sword to strike enemies with formidable damage. 

Finral Roulacase, another remarkable S-tier character, uses Spatial Magic to teleport a magic bullet, dealing damage to enemies. Beyond offense, Finral plays a supportive role by buffing all allies with Spatial Magic and creating multiple pathways to bolster their capabilities.

Rades Spirito, another excellent character, distinguishes himself with the ability to summon a wraith that shoots a curse bullet, inflicting damage on enemies. According to my experience, the S-tier characters offer a compelling mix of offense and support, making them invaluable assets for players seeking an edge in combat.


Black Clover M – Tier A

The A-tier characters in Black Clover M showcase a diverse set of skills and supportive abilities. Regardless of how good these characters are, they have a couple of weaknesses compared to the higher-tier characters in the game.

Noelle Silva, classified as a Supporter with SR rarity, employs water magic to cast an orb at enemies, dealing damage. She creates a water barrier for the protection of allies, showcasing her defensive capabilities. Mimosa Vermillion, another noteworthy A-tier character, excels in support by granting the ally with the lowest HP significant HP recovery based on their MATK. Sally, with her Sticky Salamander, inflicts damage by whipping its tail at enemies.

The thing that I like about the A-tier characters is that, with their unique skills and support roles, these characters provide players with a variety of options for team composition and battle tactics.


Black Clover M – Tier B

The B-tier characters are even weaker and require a lot of practice and a learning curve to master. Still, you can rely on a few characters, and not all are bad. Theresa, with her fiery powers, causes explosive damage to enemies and grants significant HP recovery to allies under the effect of Continuous Damage. She further showcases her support capabilities by creating cross-shaped explosions, healing candles, and providing targeted and widespread HP recovery. 

Leopold Vermillion is another fine B-tier character, characterized by his flame-based attacks, throws fiery projectiles, grants lifesteal, and casts a formidable flame tornado at enemies. Valtos, with his magical bullets, inflicts damage on enemies and provides stamina boosts to allies, offering both offense and support. 

Together, in my opinion, these B-tier characters in Black Clover M contribute to a well-rounded and balanced experience, offering players a range of options for crafting effective and strategic teams.


Black Clover M – Tier C

When you have 30 plus a roster of good characters from SS-Tier to B-Tier, I hardly see a reason for using characters from C-tier. These are weak and not effective in the game. 

C-tier characters in Black Clover M face notable limitations, lacking the power and versatility found in higher tiers. These characters often possess unoptimized stats limited skills, and struggle to contribute meaningfully to battles. Their weaknesses make them less effective choices for players seeking optimal performance and strategic advantages.


Black Clover M – Tier D

The D-tier Black Clover M characters are not recommended to pick and play within the game. In the current meta, I highly recommend you avoid these and pick any from the higher tiers. 

Black Clover M Tier List Criteria

The characters in this tier list are ranked based on the following factors: 

  • Rarity
  • Class
  • Type
  • ATK
  • M.ATK
  • DEF
  • HP
  • ACC
  • CRIT Damage
  • Speed
  • Penetration
  • Endurance

That is everything you need to know about the Black Clover M Tier List. Now that you have made yourself aware of the character performance and the overall standing, I highly recommend you read The Finals: Gadgets Tier List, Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List, MW3 Weapons Tier List, and Fortnite Chapter 5 Tier List.


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