The Finals: Gadgets Tier List [All Gadgets Ranked]

Learn about the ranking of all gadgets from highest to lowest tiers.

Update: This Tier list has been carefully reviewed and checked against all the Gadget changes in Season 2.

In the fast-paced environment of The Finals, gadgets are vital for success, offering utility, mobility, and combat advantages. They complement weapons, but selecting the best ones can be daunting. This guide simplifies the choice by evaluating The Finals gadgets based on their effectiveness, synergy, and battlefield impact, assisting in making informed decisions for competitive play.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 27 gadgets in The Finals.
  • S Tier: Essential gadgets that offer unparalleled utility and significantly increase your chances of success.
  • A Tier: Strong gadgets with distinct advantages, consistently providing valuable benefits in various situations.
  • B Tier: Situational gadgets with specific strengths, effective in certain contexts or against specific opponents.
  • C Tier: Niche gadgets with limited utility, best suited for specific strategies or personal preferences.
  • D Tier: Ineffective gadgets with minimal impact, generally outclassed by alternatives in most situations.
  • This tier list is based on the current meta and may change with future updates and balances.

All The Finals Gadgets and Comparison

Here are all of The Finals Gadgets showcased, along with their types, class, and damage. 

1Stun GunEquipableS TierLightN/A
2DefibrillatorsEquipableS TierMediumN/A
3Glitch GrenadeGrenadeS TierLightN/A
4APS TurretDefensiveS TierMediumIndefinite
5RPG-7EquipableS TierHeavy180
6Gas MineMineA TierMedium22/sec
7C4Deployable ExplosiveA TierHeavy240
8Dome ShieldGrenade, DefensiveA TierHeavyN/A
9Frag GrenadeGrenadeA TierAll Builds149
10Breach ChargeDeployable ExplosiveB TierLight199
11Motion SensorGrenade, DeployableB TierLightN/A
12Explosive MineMineB TierMedium245
13Jump PadDeployableB TierMediumN/A
14Sonar GrenadeGrenadeB TierMediumN/A
15ZiplineDeployableB TierMediumN/A
16Explosive MineMineB TierHeavy245
17Pyro MineMineB TierHeavy25/sec
18FlashbangGrenadeB TierAll BuildsN/A
19Gas GrenadeGrenadeB TierAll Builds22/sec
20Goo GrenadeGrenadeB TierAll BuildsN/A
21Pyro GrenadeGrenadeB TierAll Builds12/sec
22Smoke GrenadeGrenadeC TierLightN/A
23Vanishing BombGrenadeC TierLightN/A
24Glitch TrapMineC TierMediumN/A
25BarricadeDeployableC TierHeavyN/A
26Thermal VisionUtilityD TierLightN/A
27Tracking DartEquipableD TierMedium1


The Finals S-Tier Gadgets
S-Tier Gadgets in The Finals [Image Credits: Me]
While the S-tier weapons pack a punch, don’t underestimate the potential of S-tier gadgets, from reviving teammates almost instantly with Defibrillators to one-shotting the light builds with the RPG-7 and defending the cashouts with the annoying APS Turret.

Moreover, the dazed faces of enemies upon being hit by a Stun Gun never get old; pair it with a disruptive disabling gadget such as Glitch Grenade, and voila, you have a recipe for disaster for the enemy’s gadgets and specialization.


The Finals Tier-A Gadgets
Tier-A The Finals Gadgets [Image Credits: Me]
Tier-A gadgets are all incredibly useful overall and can give you a significant advantage in combat. For instance, the Gas Mine is a great way to flush out enemies or block off and hold a choke point. It can also be used to defend late-game post-deposit situations.

Furthermore, C4 can take out enemies or destroy structures to cater to your advantage. The Dome Shield is a deployable shield that can protect from gunfire and explosions. Lastly, the trusty old Frag Grenade, available to all classes, can be used to damage or kill enemies.


Tier-B The Finals gadgets [Image Credits: Me]
Tier-B The Finals gadgets [Image Credits: Me]
While not the cream of the crops, B-tier gadgets offer an intriguing mix of gadgets, each with distinct use cases. They might not be the consistent performers as A-Tier, but they offer a ton of value when paired with the right build and playstyle.

Having the same function as its elder brother, C4, the Breach Charges are lacking in the damage department but are still a good starting option for the light build. The damage might seem high moving towards the Explosive and Pyro Mines, but the cumulative damage and usage compared to a Gas Mine put them in this tier.

The grenade family, including the Flashbang, Pyro, Goo, Gas, and info-gathering grenades such as Motion Sensors and Sonar Grenades, seems like a wary choice. Still, when fused with the right build, it can easily reap havoc on the battlefield. 

Apart from these gadgets, deployable such as the Jump Pad and the Ziplines are viable starting gadgets for escaping a sticky situation and/or offering unexpected flanks, perfect for confusing enemies and breaking the deadlocks.


Gadgets list C-Tier
C-Tier Gadgets list [Image By Me]
1Smoke GrenadeGrenadeC TierLightN/A
2Vanishing BombGrenadeC TierLightN/A
3Glitch TrapMineC TierMediumN/A
4BarricadeDeployableC TierHeavyN/A

As we move further down the list to the C-Tier, these include niche gadgets with limited utility that are best suited for specific strategies or personal preferences. They might not pack the punch of their higher-tier counterparts, but they offer utility catered to specific strategies.

For example, if you are rocking a light build, specifically towards infiltration and catching your enemies off guard, then the Smoke Grenade and the Vanishing Bomb are for you. But if you are rocking a heavy build with team defense and objective considerations in mind, I recommend you opt for either Barricade or Glitch Traps to set your team up for the win.


Gadgets D-Tier
D-Tier Gadgets [Image Credits: Me]
In D-Tier, you will find those gadgets generally outclassed by their higher-tier counterparts. They offer limited damage, utility, or effectiveness in most situations. Furthermore, these are the items that I have generally avoided throughout my playing experience.

However, some D-Tier gadgets can excel in specific scenarios or appeal to players who enjoy using unconventional tools. For example, for those low-light combat situations in the Seoul Map, Thermal Vision can be combined with a Motion Sensor to camp the deposit machine, especially to take enemies off-guard. Or, if you are a medium-build support player in general, you can opt for the Tracking Dart.

While I would generally not necessarily recommend the use of D-Tier gadgets for most players or situations, these gadgets can serve specialized purposes or accommodate particular playstyles. While they might be entertaining and experimental, going for higher tiers is usually recommended for a greater likelihood of wins.

The Finals Gadgets Tier List Criteria

The way I have curated this tier list is based on a number of factors that include:

  • Utility and Impact.
  • Synergy with Class and Weapon.
  • Map and Objective Effectiveness.
  • Risk vs. Reward.
  • Overall Performance and Balance.

This tier list is a guide, not a definitive ranking. Factors like individual player builds in The Finals, skill, map layouts, and specific team compositions can influence gadget effectiveness. Experiment, consider the situational context, and choose the gadgets that best suit your playstyle and strategy.

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