The Finals: Best Builds [Light, Medium & Heavy]

Having played The Finals for over 10 hours, I present you three unique builds: Light, Medium, and Heavy, and discover the loadouts for each.

The Finals Open Beta offers three distinct Builds, each with unique weapons, abilities, and gadgets to cater to diverse playstyles. Whether you prefer speed and agility or the brute force of heavy weaponry, there are builds to suit your preferences.

Key Takeaways
  • There are three Builds in The Finals: Light, Medium, and Heavy.
  • Light Build, being an agile build, is good for players who prefer mobility but come with less HP.
  • Medium Build is a perfect balance of Speed and Strength.
  • Heavy Build is the tank build in The Finals, having lesser speed but maximum strength.

Best Builds In The Finals

All Three Builds [Image By Me]
There are three Builds in The Finals:

  1. Light Build
  2. Medium Build
  3. Heavy Build

Light Build is for players who prefer mobility and agility, while Heavy Build offers the opposite: a slow but strong tank. A Medium build could suit you if you want to balance speed and strength.

Here is an overview of the Best Builds in-game:

Serial NoWeaponGadgetSpecializationBest For
Light BuildM11Smoke GrenadeCloaking DeviceMy Personal Favorite Light Build In-Game
Medium BuildAKMDefibrillatorHealing BeamBest Well-Balanced Build In The Finals
Heavy BuildM60RPG-7Charge N' SlamBest Build For High Damage In The Finals

Best Light Build

My Personal Favorite Light Build In-Game.
Light Build [Capture By Me]
  • Why I Chose This: I chose the following light build due to its massive speed, agility, and damage output. 

Light Builds are known for their agility and speed, although they have lower health than other classes. This build prioritizes mobility and equips tools to swiftly escape challenging situations, making it effective for players who prefer a fast and agile playstyle.

Here’s what you need for the Best Light Build in The Finals:

  • M11
  • V9S
  • Breaching Charge
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Pyro Grenade
  • Cloaking Device
  • Grappling Hook
  • Weapons: I recommend the M11 SMG, as it is great for close-quarters combat with manageable recoil and a large magazine. While the SMG restricts you to close combat, having the V9S pistol can be a more well-rounded option.
  • Gadgets: The Breaching Charge can break walls and ceilings to reach objectives. Pyro Grenade causes chaos by setting enemies on fire, but be cautious; it can hurt you and your team. Smoke Grenade is ideal for stealing cashouts and escaping from foes.
  • Specialization: The Cloaking Device is a must-have as it lets you deal damage up close with the M11 and then vanish safely to recover health. The second option is the Grappling Hook, as you can use it to chase down your enemies or get out of challenging situations.
  • Does good damage.
  • Allows you to be the quickest.
  • Provides many opportunities in the battle.
  • Lacks defense.

Best Medium Build

Best Well-Balanced Build In The Finals.
Medium Build [Capture By Me]
  • Why I Chose This: The Medium Build in The Finals is the best all-rounder choice I could find in the game. It’s easily the most user-friendly build.

The Medium Build in The Finals is a versatile class with moderate speed and health, making it a well-rounded choice. It excels in supporting as well as offensive roles. The AKM, a flexible weapon, complements this build, offering effectiveness in close and long-range combat.

Here’s what you need for the Best Medium Build in The Finals:

  • AKM
  • FCAR
  • Defibrillator
  • Jump Pad
  • Zipline
Specialization Healing Beam
  • Weapons: The AKM is the go-to weapon for the Medium Build, excelling in both close and long-range combat. While the FCAR is a decent alternative, the AKM’s larger magazine sets it apart.
  • Gadgets: The Defibrillator is the healing gadget of the medium build, reviving all fallen teammates instantly. At the same time, Zipline and Jump Pad bring mobility to this build by getting you out of losing battles.
  • Specialization: The Healing Beam heals all teammates within a 15-meter range.
  • Well-balanced build.
  • Decent amount of offense and defense.
  • Allows you to heal teammates.
  • A little challenging to master.

Best Heavy Build

Best Build For High Damage In The Finals.
the finals best builds
Heavy Build [Image By Me]
  • Why I Chose This: Heavy builds can single-handedly carry their team. I was easily able to dominate my opponents with the heavy build.

The Heavy Build boasts the highest HP but is the slowest class in THE FINALS, functioning as the tank. This class excels at leading the charge and breaking defenses by charging into them. 

Here’s what you need for the Best Heavy Build in The Finals:

Weapons M60  
  • RPG-7
  • Barricade
  • Explosive Mine
Specialization Charge ‘N’ Slam   
  • Weapons: The M60 LMG is the go-to weapon for the Heavy Build, offering versatility by killing enemies across various combat ranges. While using the Sledgehammer or Flamethrower can be fun, they may not be as effective against competent opponents.
  • Gadgets: Add the RPG-7 for heavy firepower, while the Barricade and Explosive Mine are excellent for defense. Barricades block entry points, while well-placed Explosive Mines deter intruders effectively.
  • Specialization: You can use the Charge’ N’ Slam to break through obstacles and deal damage to enemies by ramming into them or perform a mid-air area-of-effect attack by activating it while airborne.
  • Provides a perfect cover.
  • Annoys the opponents.
  • turns the battlefield upside down with explosions.
  • Lacks speed and close-range combat abilities.

My Take On Builds

I have been playing the Finals Open Beta for hours and tried all three builds. Each build has pros and cons, but the meta of this game seems to be mobility. I enjoyed using Light Build the most, but if you want good HP and longer-ranged weapons alongside agility and speed, the Medium build should work best for you. I recommend hopping on this game and trying all three builds to see what works best.

That’s about it from my side regarding the Best Builds. If you have issues running the game, I suggest you read The Finals Bugs and Crashes guide


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