The Finals: Weapons Tier List [All Guns Ranked]

Learn about the ranking of all The Finals weapons in from Highest to lowest tiers.

Update: We’ve carefully reviewed our tier list to match all the weapon changes in the latest Update 2.0.0.

Choosing the right weapon is crucial to dominating the arena and climbing the leaderboards. With so many options available, it can be tough to know which ones are worth your inventory. This comprehensive guide compiles a tier list for The Finals weapons based on effectiveness, versatility, and overall performance in the current meta. 

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 21 weapons in The Finals.
  • S-Tier: Top-tier weapons offering exceptional performance in most situations.
  • A-Tier: Strong and reliable choices, viable for various playstyles.
  • B-Tier: Above-average situational weapons, effective in specific scenarios.
  • C-Tier: Average weapons, outclassed by other options.
  • D-Tier: The weakest among the available arms, ineffective, and generally not recommended.
  • This tier list is based on the current meta and may change with future updates and balances.

All The Finals Weapons and Comparison

Here are all of The Finals Weapons. You’ll find more details about them in their respective Tier with stats comparison.

1V9-SHandgunS TierLight58 (Head)
35 (Body)
2AKMRifleS TierMedium32 (Head)
21 (Body)
3SA1216ShotgunS TierHeavy104 (Head/Body)16
4SR-84Sniper RifleA TierLight230 (Head)
115 (Body)
5XP-54SMGA TierLight27 (Head)
18 (Body)
6FCARRifleA TierMedium39 (Head)
26 (Body)
7R .357HandgunA TierMedium148 (Head)
78 (Body)
8FlamethrowerMisc.A TierHeavy25 (Head/Body)30
9M11SMGB TierLight25 (Head)
20 (Body)
10SH1900ShotgunB TierLight150 (Head/Body)2
11LH1RifleB TierLight98 (Head)
44 (Body)
12CL-40Grenade LauncherB TierMedium84 (Head/Body)4
13Model 1887ShotgunB TierMedium125 (Head/Body)6
14M60LMGB TierHeavy35 (Head)
23 (Body)
15DaggerMeleeC TierLight50 (Primary)
320 (Charged Backstab)
16Throwing knivesSpecialC TierLight105 (Headshot)
60 (Primary)
17SwordMeleeC TierLight45 (Head/Body)
82.5 (Charged)
18Lewis GunLMGC TierHeavy38 (Head)
25 (Body)
19MGL32Grenade LauncherC TierHeavy75 (Head/Body)6
20Riot ShieldMeleeD TierMedium68 (Head/Body)N/A
21SledgehammerMeleeD TierHeavy135 (Primary)
200 (Overhead swing)


The Finals S-Tier Weapons
S-Tier Weapons in The Finals [Image Credits: Me]
The S-Tier of weapons is filled with weapons that will have your enemies falling in mere seconds. While not all of these weapons may be accessible to every class, there’s a deliberate reason behind it: their exceptional firepower, substantial damage output, and the accuracy of the wielder make them appear overpowered.

High-damage output weapons such as the SA1216 and the AKM will decimate enemies in mere seconds. Moreover, the V9-S rules the precision battle, being an aimbot at close to medium range. These are the weapons that you wouldn’t want to miss out on because each one of these is quite deadly in its own class.


The Finals Tier-A Weapons
Tier-A The Finals Weapons [Image Credits: Me]
Tier-A is the list where you can’t go wrong with any of the weapons. Whatever you choose, as long as it is in your playstyle, will perform great when fighting enemies. Each of these weapons has enough firepower to eliminate enemies in a matter of seconds. And even if they miss out on killing enemies swiftly, they get back in some other way.

Here, you get to witness the three high-damage output weapons, The Flamethrower,  SR-84, and the R .357 revolver. These weapons have a high damage output, and you can utilize them while dealing with fewer enemies. For instance, in close-quarter combat scenarios, flamethrowers are the best choice for dealing a ton of damage, and for distant combat, I would recommend the use of the SR-84 and the R .357 revolver.

I was also quite impressed with the performance of the XP-54 SMG and the FCAR rifle, featuring a potent combination of high fire rates and devastating damage that effortlessly melts through enemies. These weapons prove particularly lethal in close and mid-range combat scenarios, showcasing their effectiveness across various engagements.


The Finals B-Tier guns
Tier-B The Finals guns [Image Credits: Me]
All B Tier The Finals Weapons are ranked here:

The B-Tier in The Finals offers an intriguing mix of weapons, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses. They might not be the dominating force of the S-Tier or the consistent performers of the A-Tier, but they present interesting options for players to explore and adapt to their preferred playstyles.

The M60 LMG and SH1900 double barrel shotgun might seem timid, but when placed in the right hands, it poses a serious threat to the enemies, with the largest magazine size of the M60 to the absurd damage output of the SH1900. 

Apart from that, there are some other good choices too. M11 SMG, although it has a low damage output, is still a viable option as a starting weapon for the light class. Speaking of which, LH1 is another good option; with a low fire rate and high damage output, the Model 1887 and the CL-40 grenade launcher fall in the same category.   


C-Tier The Finals Weapons
C-Tier Weapons list [Image By Me]
C-Tier weapons in The Finals offer a viable alternative for starting players and cater to specific tactical situations. They might not pack the punch of their higher-tier counterparts, but they offer valuable utility and damage potential.

For instance, if you cater to stealth gameplay, the dagger, throwing knives, and the sword are your best bet, with insane damage output for those sneaky plays. But if you want to go off with a bang, I would recommend opting for either Lewis Gun or the MGL32 grenade launcher.


The Finals D-Tier Weapons
D-Tier Weapons [Image Credits: Me]
In D-Tier, you will find those weapons that are generally outclassed by their higher-tier counterparts. They offer limited damage, utility, or effectiveness in most combat situations. Furthermore, these are the items that I have generally avoided through and through in my playing experience.

However, some D-Tier weapons can excel in specific scenarios or appeal to players who enjoy using unconventional tools. For instance, if you run a heavy build, the sledgehammer can be used in combination with ChargeNSlam to break the surrounding building and catch enemies off-guard. Or, if you are a passive player in general, you can opt for the Riot Shield.

While I would generally not necessarily recommend the use of D-Tier weapons for most players or situations, these weapons can offer niche functions or cater to specific playstyles. They can be a source of fun and experimentation, but for more optimal wins, going for higher tiers is generally advised.

The Finals Weapons Tier List Criteria

The way I have curated this tier list is based on a number of factors that include:

  • Damage Potential.
  • Range and versatility.
  • Accuracy and Recoil Control.
  • Special Abilities and Utility.
  • Class Synergy.
  • Map and Objective Considerations.
  • Overall Performance and Balance.

While you’re going through the Tier list, I must remind you that this isn’t a Skyrim or Starfield Weapons List where you fight against bots or AI. Story narrative games are toned-down versions of games such as The Finals that are solely based on Player-versus-player combat and objective considerations. 

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