The Finals: How To Play Throwing Knives

Unleash precision and skill with Throwing Knives, a high-risk, high-reward weapon for Light Class players.

During the beta, players were presented with a lot of weapons in the Finals. The Throwing Knives were introduced as a weapon usable by the Light Class.

Key Takeaways
  • Throwing Knives are available for the Light Class, which cost 800 VRs in The Finals.
  • Throwing Knives offers two modes of attack:
    1. Rapid multiple-knife throw for close range
    2. Delayed dual-knife throw effective at medium to long ranges
  • Mastering Throwing Knives requires skill due to their high-risk, high-reward nature, making precision crucial to avoid elimination.

What Are Throwing Knives?

Throwing Knives in The Finals
Throwing Knives in The Finals [Image by Me]
Light build in The Finals has access to Throwing Knives, a weapon that complements the class due to its various movement abilities.

  • Throwing Knives can be unlocked for 800 VRs, requiring a few games to gather enough to acquire them.

How To Use

Inspecting Throwing Knives
Inspecting Throwing Knives [Image by Me]
The Throwing Knives stand out with two distinct attacking modes:

  1. Standard Attack: Throws multiple knives rapidly with a wide spread.
    • It’s best used in close range, demanding high accuracy and a longer aim to hit both, dealing 60 body damage and 90 head damage per knife. 
  2. Special Attack: Throwing both knives at once requires a delay for a wind-up before doing so.
    • Causes 70 body damage and 105 head damage. This attack is most effective at medium to long ranges.

Is It Worth Buying The Throwing Knives?

Throwing Knives
Throwing Knives [Image by Me]
Mastering Throwing Knives demands a considerable level of skill, as missing a shot can swiftly send you back to spectating mode. These knives possess the potential to alter the game’s direction, particularly if facing numerous Light players on the opposing team. 

I think the better alternative to Throwing Knives is the V9S Pistol, which is also one of the Best Weapons, as it has very high accuracy and can be used to practice the aim. When you’re fully ready, you can switch to Throwing Knives as your main weapon.

Best Specialization For Throwing Knives?

Cloaking Device Specialization [Image by Me]
Every class comes with three specializations in The Finals. However, Throwing Knives are pairable with almost all specializations of the Light Class.

My personal favorite is the Cloaking Device, as you can get in position with almost no risk, then aim, and attack your opponents. 

The second should be the Evasive Dash or the Grappling Hook, which could save your life if you miss the both first two knives.

My Thoughts

I am not a fan of Throwing Knives as I have a hard time aiming with all the fast-paced gameplay. My favorite weapons for the light are a double-barrel shotgun or a Sword. But who knows, you can wipe a team with the Throwing Knives too. 

Read the Gadget Tier List and pair the Throwing Knives with the best gadgets, and The Finals Review by Asad Ahmed to get more in-depth info.


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