The Finals: Best Heavy Guns [Pros, Cons, Types]

Here are my recommendations for the best heavy guns after playing for 35+ hours!

There are 6 heavy guns available despite the heavy class being slow in the Finals. These weapons have high damage output, and combined with heavy class bulkiness, you’re sure to survive every time.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 6 heavy guns available in The Finals.
  • The heavy guns are mostly used for holding back opponents or tanking the damage while lowering opponents’ health.
  • The advantages of heavy guns are higher firepower, stable firing, and large ammunition capacity.
  • The disadvantages of heavy guns include lengthy reload time and high recoil.

The Finals Best Heavy Guns Compared

Here’s the summary of the Best Heavy Guns in The Finals:

RankWeaponsFire RateRangeAccuracyReload Speed
3Flame thrower7010603.5

1. SA1216 

Best Heavy Gun for Close Combat
SA1216 [Image by Me]
Damage Fire Rate Range Accuracy Mag Size Reload Speed
91(1 shot) 40 20 30 16 3
  • Why I Chose This: The S1216 is my personal preference because it offers a great balance between firepower and mobility and this weapon fires 13 pellets with widespread which makes it deadly in close combat.

This semi-automatic shotgun is rapid and can deliver a powerful blow at the same time if the player is close enough to the target. Despite its high damage, its reload isn’t too bad either. Having the SA1216 as your primary can make the Best Heavy Build to dominate over other players.

  • Close-range power.
  • A semi-automatic shotgun allows for more follow-up shots.
  • High rate of fire.
  • A narrower spread affects long-range shots.
  • Limited range.

2. M60

Best Ranged Heavy Gun.
M60 [Image by Me]
Damage Fire Rate Range Accuracy Mag Size Reload Speed
35 40 40 30 70 3.5
  • Why I Chose This: The M60 is also a good weapon choice because of its large ammo capacity and high firepower, which can give you an advantage in intense battles.

When it comes to the M60 in the finals, its high rate of fire and large capacity of ammunition can give you a significant firepower advantage. The M60 performs poorly in terms of recoil, but as long as the player gets a grip on the recoil, they will tear opponents apart.

  • Large ammunition.
  • High rate of fire.
  • Versatile weapon
  • Harsh recoil.
  • Lengthy reloading time

3. Flamethrower

Best Heavy Gun for Close-Quarter.
Flamethrower [Image by Me]
Damage Fire Rate Range Accuracy Mag Size Reload Speed
25 70 10 60 30 3.5
  • Why I Chose This: It is a unique and powerful choice because of its continuous damage. It is effective in close-quarter combats, meaning you should be close to the enemy and use your ammo wisely.

The Flamethrower may be extremely deadly in isolated areas and is fun to use. Still, its damage can sometimes be unsuccessful, providing faster classes enough time to show their reflexes and escape the flames. Flamethrowers are great for creating a wall of fire that makes it difficult for enemies to advance.

  • Can cause damage over time after the initial attack.
  • Can be effective for enemies hiding behind the wall or cover.
  • Narrower spread, which makes it good for crowd control.
  • Limited range.
  • Limited ammunition capacity.
  • Risk of collateral damage if used indoors.

My Take On The Best Heavy Guns

Having spent over 30 hours in The Finals, I think that the heavy guns are mainly for supporting teammates and tanking damages. SA1216 has a high rate of fire and damage; its high rate of fire can be useful in close-quarter combats. However, you should choose a weapon according to your playstyle.

Now that you know the Best Heavy Guns, find out the Best Gadgets to assist your team. But gadgets aren’t the only thing you need to keep in mind. Use the Best Specializations with the Best Builds in the Finals


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