The Finals: Best Gadgets [Top 5]

I have played The Finals for 20+ hours & here are my top 5 recommended gadgets.

Along with a large number of weapons, The Finals also features a vast number of Gadgets that are necessary for players to make the best builds. However, knowing which Gadget players should add to their loadouts is also very important, as these gadgets can turn the tides of the match if used properly according to the situation. 

Best Gadgets In The Finals With Comparison

There are a total of 30 gadgets in The Finals. However, only five have made it to the list of The Finals Best Gadgets.

The following table contains a list of The Finals Best Gadgets, ranked accordingly:

Serial NoGadgetAbilityClassPrice in VRs
1Sonar GrenadeReveals Enemy's PositionsMedium-
2DefibrillatorRevive Teammates InstantlyMedium-
3Stun GunParalyze EnemiesLight1000
4Goo GrenadeCreate a Goo WallLight, Medium, Heavy-
5RPG-7Deals Explosive DamageHeavy-

1. Sonar Grenade

The Finals Sonar Grenade
Sonar Grenade [Image Captured by eXputer]
Starting off the list of the best gadgets, on the top spot, I have placed the Sonar Grenade. Sonar Grenade can be used to reveal the positions of enemy teams. Players can throw a Sonar Grenade inside a building, and every enemy that comes in the range of the Sonar Grenade will be detected, and their positions will be revealed through obstacles.

Once thrown, the Sonar Grenade emits a pulse that reveals the location of nearby enemies. Players can use two Sonar Grenades at a time. However, once you have used the Sonar Grenade, it will be on a cooldown, and you cannot use it until the cooldown finishes. The Sonar Grenades can only be used by the Medium Class Contestants.

Sonar Grenade is the best Gadget to reveal the enemy’s positions. 

2. Defibrillator

The Finals Defibrillator
Defibrillator [Image Captured by eXputer]
The Defibrillator is ranked second in the list of the best gadgets. The Defibrillator enables players to swiftly revive their teammates, with a brief cooldown before its subsequent use. Despite its rapid revival compared to the standard five-second revive time, this gadget does not restore as much health to the revived player.

The best thing about Defibrillator is that players can revive their teammates during a fight. Normally, it takes five seconds to revive your teammate in The Finals; however, using the Defibrillator, one can revive their teammates instantly while taking duels with the opponents.

The Defibrillator is the best reviving gadget, but only contestants using the Medium Class can use it.

3. Stun Gun

The Finals Stun Gun
Stun Gun [Image Captured by eXputer]
As for the third spot, I have given it to Stun Gun due to its ability to paralyze opponents instantly. Hitting an enemy with the Stun Gun results in temporary paralysis, making them vulnerable to attacks. Yet, there’s a risk involved, as missing the shot leaves the player exposed and open to counterattacks. However, the Stun Gun has a very clear iron sight, and hitting shots with the Stun Gun is not that hard. 

A Heavy Class Contestant can really hard to take down due to its massive amount of Health Power. So, in such situations where I have to face a Heavy Class Contestant, I try to paralyze them with the Stun Gun and take my time to finish them off. It is also important to keep in mind that the Stun Gun can only be used by players using the Light Build.

The Stun Gun is the best gadget that players can use to paralyze their enemies. 

4. Goo Grenade

The Finals Goo Grenade
Goo Grenade [Image Captured by eXputer]
The next best gadget to add to the list is the Goo Grenade. After being thrown, the Goo Grenade generates piles of Goo at the point of detonation, effectively blocking access points or offering temporary cover in close quarters. While the Goo material withstands gunfire to some extent, it can be rapidly eliminated by flames produced by the Flamethrower, Incendiary Grenade, and Incendiary Mine.

A lot of players might not like the idea of adding the Goo Grenade to the list of the best gadgets, but if used properly, it can turn out to be an S-tier gadget. Players can use the Goo Grenade to block the enemies from hacking their Cashouts. Furthermore, it can provide good cover if you are fighting in open areas. The plus point of the Goo Grenade is that it can be used by all Classes in The Finals. 

As per my experience, the Goo Grenade is the best gadget that players can use to block the Cashout Machines from being hacked during their Cashouts. 

5. RPG-7

The Finals RPG-7
RPG-7 [Image Captured by eXputer]
The last spot in the list of the Best Gadgets is occupied by the RPG-7. Differing from conventional explosives, the RPG-7 can be precisely aimed at enemies, inflicting significant damage. It proves effective across all distances and enables the creation of new pathways by demolishing structures. 

Furthermore, the RPG-7 has the potential to one-shot Light Builds in The Finals. If you are engaging a team and you know their exact location, one sweet shot from the RPG-7 is more than enough to make them reach their demise.

The RPG-7 is the best damage-dealing gadget out there; however, it should be kept in mind that Heavy Class Contestants can use the RPG-7 in The Finals.

My Experience With The Best Gadgets

My Playtime in The Finals
My The Finals Hours on Steam

As a player who has spent over 20 hours grinding the Open Beta Playtest of The Finals, I have experienced all the mentioned gadgets on the list. I use the Sonar Grenade whenever my team pushes the enemies to hack their Cashouts. As for the Goo Grenade, the best way to use it is to block the doors and windows of buildings in which you are performing the Cashout.

There are also many other potential gadgets, such as the Zipline, Jump Pad, or the Dome Shield, which are not a part of the best gadgets list but can also have the same impact if one can learn how to use them properly, according to different situations.

With all of the information provided above, my guide on The Finals Best Gadgets finally comes to an end. In this guide, I have mentioned the most potentialized gadgets that players can use to turn the tides of their matches. 

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