The Finals Best Heavy Build [Weapons & Gadgets]

After spending over 20 hours in The Finals, the following is my take on the best Heavy build loadout for ultimate domination!

In The Finals, Heavy build is the tank of the battlefield. It is incredibly durable and destructive, with a focus on absorbing damage and dealing heavy damage to enemies. The Heavy build can be played in a variety of ways, depending on your playstyle and the needs of your team.

Key Takeaways
  • The Heavy build in The Finals is incredibly durable and destructive, with a focus on absorbing damage and dealing heavy damage to enemies.
  • Players can fulfill various roles within the team, such as a frontline fighter, tank, or support specialist, by adjusting their loadout.
  • Heavy builds can be slower and less maneuverable, making them vulnerable to agile enemies.
  • The Heavy build excels in both solo and team-based gameplay, allowing players to define their roles based on the situation.
  • Author Note: My extensive 20+ hours in The Finals have given me the confidence to assist you effectively on this subject.

Best Heavy Build Rundown

  • Why I Chose This: I chose the particular heavy build due to its immense potential as a tank, as it could also annoy the enemies. 
Heavy Build The Finals
The Finals Heavy Build [Image by Me]
Here is a quick rundown of the Best Heavy Build:

SpecializationMESH Shield
WeaponsSA1216, Lewis Gun and M60
GadgetsRPG-7, Dome Shield and C4

The following are the pros and cons of the build:

  • Features a solid tank.
  • Will make it difficult for opponents to stop you.
  • Allows you to become the core of the team.
  • Lacks the damage.


Mesh Shield The Finals
Mesh Shield [Image Credits: Me ]
In The Finals, each class offers three specializations to cater to your playstyle and game mode preferences. Nevertheless, the ideal Heavy build incorporates the use of MESH Shield, allowing you to project a large frontal shield that can protect you and your teammates from enemy fire. It can be used;

  • To push through enemy lines: The MESH shield can protect you from enemy fire as you push through their lines. This is especially useful when attacking fortified positions or defending objectives.
  • To create openings for your teammates: You can use the MESH shield to create openings for your teammates to push through. This is especially useful in team-based gameplay.
 Charge N Slam The Finals
Charge ‘N’ Slam [Image By Me]
In a ranked match, I effectively used the Charge ‘N’ Slam to eliminate a low-health team while they tried to hack the cashout. I communicated with my team to distract them while picking them out off guard.


SA1216 The Finals
SA1216 [Image Credits: Me]
When it comes to heavy builds, weapon selection may vary, but the SA1216 semi-auto shotgun stands out as a solid and versatile choice. It offers substantial damage output and excels in close combat scenarios while boasting a swift reload time.

My other recommendations for the best weapons for Heavy builds are the Lewis gun and the M60 Machine Gun.


RPG-7 The Finals
RPG-7 [Image By Me]
My recommendations for the best Gadgets for The Finals Heavy Build are:

  • RPG-7: Utilize the RPG-7 to disrupt enemy strategies by destroying cover and eliminating groups of enemies.
  • C4: Use C4 strategically by planting it on doorways, chokepoints, or objectives for tactical advantages and surprise attacks. 
  • Dome Shield: Utilize the Dome Shield to defend objectives, block enemy sightlines, and safeguard teammates during revives.
Barricade The Finals
Barricade [Image by Me]
Nonetheless, if this doesn’t suit your taste, you have the option to choose the Barracide and Explosive Mine instead.

My Thoughts On The Best Heavy Build

Having spent over 30 hours immersed in the game, I’ve firmly concluded that the Heavy build stands as the optimal choice for players who relish a playstyle that’s both robust and devastating.

The Heavy build is all about absorbing damage and dealing heavy damage to enemies, and it is incredibly effective in the right hands.

The best Heavy build for me is the following:

  • Weapon: Lewis Gun
  • Gadgets: RPG-7, C4 and Dome Shield
  • Specialization: Mesh Shield

As I wrap up the guide for The Finals Heavy Build, I hope the information and insights shared here have been of great value in your pursuit of crafting a robust and resilient heavy build tailored to your specific requirements.

While you are at it, check out the best Weapons in The Finals by our fellow gamer Moiz Banoori. I also recommend checking out the best crosshair setting catering to your style and preference.

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