The Finals: 5 BEST Specializations

After spending over 25 hours in The Finals, here is all the info regarding Specializations, along with some tips that can create match-winning situations.

The Finals is not only limited to a set of Weapons or Gadgets. It also introduces players to the concept of Specialization. Each Class of contestants is allocated a set of three Specializations. However, it is very important for players to know which Specialization stands out the most to build their perfect loadout.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 9 Specializations featured in The Finals, but only 5 were able to make it to my list.
  • Knowing and using the Best Specializations can give players an edge over their enemies.
  • The biggest advantage these Specializations provide is that most of them are highly independent of the situation and can be used according to the player’s understanding.
  • The main disadvantage is that these Specializations are Class-dependent; only a specific Class can use a specific Specialization.

Best Specializations In The Finals

The following table contains a list of the Best Specializations ranked accordingly:

SpecializationOverviewClassPrice in VRsAward
Healing BeamHeal teammatesMediumN/ABest Healing Specialization.
Cloaking DeviceAllows to be invisibleLight600Best Specialization For invisibility
Mesh ShieldCreate a protective shieldHeavy600Best Defensive Ability
Evasive DashAllows to dash three timesLight600Best Movement Specialization
Grappling HookAllows to grapple to different platformsLight600Best Alternative For Evasive Dash

1. Healing Beam

Best Healing Specialization.
Healing Beam
Healing Beam [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
The Healing Beam emits a blue beam, enabling players to heal their teammates within close range. It proves beneficial while you are defending the Cashouts or your teammates lose their health during a fight. 

I consider the Healing Beam the best specialization, not just due to its high healing power but also because it can prove to be very annoying for enemies when you heal your teammates. Also, the Healing Beam is the Best Healing Specialization.

  • Can heal your teammates.
  • Can annoy the opponents.
  • Doesn’t have any offensive capabilities.
  • Why I Chose This: I chose Healing Beam as it allows healing the teammates, which can be annoying for the enemies. 

2. Cloaking Device

Best Specialization For invisibility.
Cloaking Device
Cloaking Device [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
The next specialization on the list is the Cloaking Device. The Cloaking Device provides temporary invisibility to the players, making them hard to spot while in motion and completely invisible when stationary. The ability serves various purposes, such as flanking enemies, escaping situations, or seizing Cashout Stations from other players.

The effect lasts for 12 seconds and can be activated at any time, irrespective of charge, with a minor activation cost. The Cloaking Device is the Best Specialization that can be used for invisibility. 

  • Lets you be invisible.
  • It is great for stealth play.
  • Enemies can hear your footsteps more easily.
  • Only the light class can use it.
  • Why I Chose This: The Cloaking Device provides invisibility to players and allows them to add an element of surprise. 

3. Mesh Shield

Best Defensive Ability.
Mesh Shield
Mesh Shield [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
Upon activation of the Mesh Shield, players will switch to a third-person view and generate a 1250-point health shield in front of them. While effectively blocking all incoming damage from the front, it exposes the player to vulnerability from behind.

Moreover, teammates have the ability to shoot through the shield, allowing them to damage enemies. The Mesh Shield is the Best Defensive Ability, but it can only be used by the Heavy Builds.

  • Saves you in difficult times.
  • Provides great defense.
  • Requires good team effort to pull off.
  • Why I Chose This: Mesh Shield is on my list as it allows you to make your way to the opponent without receiving any damage. 

4. Evasive Dash

Best Movement Specialization.
Evasive Dash
Evasive Dash [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
The Evasive Dash allows the player to dash forward quickly and shoot enemies at the same time. If you look upwards and dash, then you will be able to jump along with the dash. It can be used to dodge incoming fire, falling debris, or rushing enemies.

The Evasive Dash is not limited and can be used according to situation; however, it can be considered as the Best Movement Specialization. Only players who master the Light Build can use the Evasive Dash.

  • Allows you to dash forward and shoot the enemies.
  • Can also be used to dodge.
  • Only available to the light class.
  • Why I Chose This: Evasive Dash is one of the specializations I used mostly due to its ability to dash around. 

5. Grappling Hook

Best Alternative For Evasive Dash.
Grappling Hook
Grappling Hook [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
The last Specialization on the list is none other than the Grappling Hook. When fired, the Grappling Hook propels a cord with a grapple, launching the player and granting the ability to ascend to different platforms. 

The Grappling Hook allows players to re-live as Pathfinder from Apex Legends in The Finals. Just like the Evasive Dash, it is also a multiple-purpose movement Specialization, which can be used in many ways according to the situation.

  • Allows to travel faster.
  • Can be used in many situations.
  • Only available to the light class.
  • Why I Chose This: It got me out of some dangerous situations many times thanks to its launch ability. 

Alternative Picks

Here are some other options to consider while choosing a specialization in The Finals. However, they didn’t quite make it into my Top 5 list.

  • Guardian Turret: Deals a high amount of damage to enemies but it has limited range and slow rotational speed.
  • Charge n Slam: Sheers destructive potential at a single charge but lacks protection.
  • Recon Senses: Makes opponents visible through structures for a limited time but it weakens as distance increases.

My Experience With The Best Specializations

I first experienced these specializations and have ranked them according to the highest number of benefits they can provide in almost every situation. The Healing Beam, indeed, is my favorite of them all due to its quick healing ability and almost no cooldown, although it gets overheated after using it for a long amount of time. 

My The Finals Playtime on Steam
My The Finals Playtime on Steam

As a player who has spent almost 20 hours playing the Medium Build, I think the Healing Beam is the Best Specialization that can be used for support, followed by the Mesh Shield.

With all of the Information provided above, my guide on The Finals Specializations comes to an end. Players should not do that; I experienced one major issue when playtesting these abilities, which was some random stutters mid-match. If you’re experiencing any optimization issues in The Finals, you can visit the following Steam Community page.

While you are at it, consider learning more about the leaderboards in The Finals from our fellow gamer, Obaid. I also recommend checking out eXputer’s guide on best settings for The Finals to maximize your in-game performance.

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