Apex Legends – Beginners Guide: Using the abilities of the Pathfinder Correctly

How Pathfinder abilities makes it a great contender for your main legend!

Pathfinder is a forward scout legend. He has 3 abilities that make him a formidable opponent if used correctly. He is a tall humanoid robot who has a large eye for the face and on his chest is a screen that describes his emotions. His back consists of 2 large levers resembling a trigger button of some sort. He is mostly used for aiding the team. He is also capable of mild combat but if used correctly he can become a force to be reckoned with.

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Passive Ability: Insider Knowledge

This is the ability that allows Pathfinder to pinpoint the next location of the ring by scanning a survey beacon. They are scattered throughout the map in various spots and are easy to find. It can come in handy

Tactical Ability: Grappling Hook

Equipped with a grappling hook Pathfinder can swing around his surroundings by attaching the hook and gain height on enemies. The technique is very useful to evade gunfire or to ambush opponents. However, it is difficult at times to control the grappling hook as losing inertia can cause the player to dangle off a cliff. So use wisely.

Ultimate Ability: Zipline Gun

His ultimate is a very useful one as it allows him to launch a zip line for everyone to use, which includes enemies. The zip line can be attached from 1 point to another. It can be a handy ability as it can take you to long distances. As a last minute resort, it can help you escape the ring easily.

Tips To Play Pathfinder

Many people do not choose Pathfinder as they find him a little bit boring and not up to the action but they are wrong. Pathfinder is a very helpful legend as his scouting abilities can aid the team in various sorts. His grappling hook can also be used during combat that makes him less boring.

The trick to using pathfinder is to make way for your team by choosing the best routes possible to avoid large groups of enemies. Furthermore, it can be used to escape the chasing ring. His ultimate and passive ability are the ones that aid the team as they provide an advantage to the squad.

When an enemy team is engaged in a battle, Pathfinders squad can third party the fight by closing in with the help of his zip line gun if the fight is going on at a very distant location or it’s on higher ground. As a result, players can get good loot. Although, ziplines are noisy but on the bright side they are a better alternative to running. You even become a tough target to hit as you are moving at a faster speed than running.

His passive ability can clear the confusion where the next ring is going to be placed. This way the team can relocate themselves with ease without having any communication trouble. However, you must be aware of your surroundings to avoid missing out any survey beacon. You can use this information to an offensive way as well by camping at a good spot and wait for players to arrive.

Make good use of his grappling hook as it can save you from tight spots by giving you airtime. Thus, you also get a brief moment to shoot the enemy mid-air. This will cause you to be a harder target for the enemy. You can also gain higher ground and snipe people using triple take, kraber or the longbow DMR. Therefore, you are getting a major advantage over the enemy.

The main key point of using him in combat is to take complete advantage of his abilities by gaining height on the enemy. There are several reasons for this. Players are unaware if a person is camping on a rooftop or hiding on top of a hill as the map is huge and can give you the edge of blending in the enemies point of view. Other enemies cannot approach you on unreachable locations unless they are playing Pathfinder, Wraith or Octane.


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